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I’m Getting Nervous…

Can I be honest?  I’m so nervous about the upcoming fundraiser.  I kind of feel funny about that nervousness.  I know God is going to let everything happen the way it should happen, but I still feel the butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I think about this event.  I find myself wondering if people are really going to show up.  I wonder what it means if they don’t.  I shouldn’t think about it all.  It’s just…well…I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can for my daughter.  When she is older, I want to be to show her pictures of all the people who came out and supported her.  Even if they don’t purchase or donate a dime, their presence means so much to me.  My husband once said something that made so much sense to me.  He said the best thing you can offer someone is your time.  When you don’t have a dime to your name, you can offer your time and it means more than you can ever know.

 I know this to be true.  Before I met, dated, and married my husband, I was a single mother.  There were times that things were difficult.  I wanted to take my son to plays and movies.  There just weren’t funds available at the time to do so.  Before I could get sad and sullen, he and I would ride over to the park.  We’d swing, slide, climb jungle gyms, and talk.  We built great memories and today he still mentions those times to me as some of his favorites.  He doesn’t mention bikes or toys or books.  He mentions Mommy Son nights and walks, my making his favorite meals and watching TV movies with popcorn.  It is my time that means the most to him and that is what I want so sincerely for our daughter’s fundraiser.  I would like people to think this event and this purpose is so important that it is worth their time. But I recognize that my nerves are having fun with me.

I am looking forward to this week of promotion though.  I’m planning on visiting our neighbors, hitting social media, and seeing what happens from there.  One thing is for certain though… I am looking forward to character photos with the mascot.  Stay tuned for that!


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