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I’m not even bothered!!!

So, we received a note this morning from one of the grants I applied for months ago.  I opened it up and knew immediately that we were note selected.  First, it was addressed “Dear Applicant”.  Yep, that’s never a good sign.

The letter went on to read that the organization regretted to inform my husband and I that our application was not chosen to receive a grant at this time.

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They wanted to thank us for thoroughness of our application and gave us assurances that the grant committee review every application very carefully including our own.  The letter continued that the organization received many grant requests, all of which told a powerful story of pain, persistence, and commitment to becoming parents.  The organization only wished it would have helped each and every applicant reach their goal.

As I read the rejection letter, I smiled.  A few months ago, that letter would have hurt.  I would have been filled with disappointment and would have wondered what was to happen now.  But, in the past few months, things have been happening in the life of my family that remind me that God is truly in control of every situation regardless of whether or not we expect to see Him there.

I know that a grant would be the greatest thing financially for our family in the journey that is our Honeybee’s adoption, but guess what?  Even if we don’t get a single dime in assistance, we are still going to adopt her.  She is our daughter.  There is no need to worry about what cannot be changed.

Our love will never change and that is why I’m not even bothered.


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  1. Thanks, Shawnell. I'm slowly learning to enjoy the journey inits totality. Everything else is just extra 🙂

  2. Peace is a powerful thing and it surpasses ALL understanding. It's something only God can give and my dear he's given you an immense amount of peace to endure this journey. So proud of your growth and the great testimony that will come out the other end.

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