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There’s An App for That

School bells ring!  Are you listening?  School has returned!  We are glistening!  The buses arrive.  School carpoolers ride!  Welcome to a Back to School Land!!!!

Woohoo!  The 2014-15 school year has begun!!  SuperBug is officially starting his first day as a third grader! Already, Mr. Bug is experiencing a whole new world on scholastic engagement.  He and his class on digital.  Yep, digital.  SuperBug’s participation, homework, progress, teacher communication can all be accessed in real time via Classroom Dojo.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen….no need to worry about your little one’s school day…say it with me…There’s An App for That!

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My wonderful husband I learned of the app during SuperBug’s Orientation Night.  As with traditional Orientation nights, we were able to meet his teacher, drop off supplies, see where he would be sitting, fill out emergency cards and student information right there, but unlike most Orientation Nights, we were able to sign up for Student and parent profiles for our son’s classroom application.

So just what is a Classroom Dojo?  Well, according to the, the app “is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily that helps teacher improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily.  It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators“. I have to admit when I read the statement on the website, I was a little unsettled.  To me, the app sounded like a Big Brother waiting to set a child up for failure.  The introduction only mentioned behavior. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have this used for our son.

As I continued reading the things offered with this site, and then later as I saw it in action with our son’s teacher, I calmed down.  The app allows positive feedback and our son’s teacher is all about positivity, encouragement, and learning.

Since the introduction of this tool, I have seen when our SuperBug helped a student when other students ignored or ridiculed.  I’ve seen when he forgot to turn in his homework for the day and lost a point. I saw when he had a bit of a hard day and I was able to share that information with WinterFather before he walked in the door since he would see our SuperBug first.  I enjoy checking the app throughout the day and I really enjoy how easy it is to understand.

There are some things I wish were available on the app.  I wish more information could be provided with the icons.  Currently, there are points awarded for participation and that is great, but I would love to know a bit more.  Maybe participation in English, Reading, or Math.  I think it would be great also to be able to share some media.  I recognize SuperBug has a study guide in hardcopy.  It would have been great to pull it off the app and drop it in DropBox or GoogleDrive.

Now…understand….this app does NOT take the place of being a vigilant, dedicated, and involved parent.  I am still required to review my son’s agenda every night to see upcoming events, tests, and messages to and from the teacher.  I am still required to sign homework assignments every night.  I am still required to pick up a phone or type an email if I have questions for his teacher.

I can still communicate through the app and I love that option.  I haven’t used it yet, but I appreciate it being an option.  I understand this is a new concept for our son’s school.  I will be following its use closely.  It will be interesting to see if our Honeybee will one day use it when it is her turn to enter the school halls.

*Note:  I am just a parent who uses the app for my SuperBug.  I have not been paid or contacted by ClassDojo to share my review.  I’m just really geeked about that kids are using apps in school now.  Am I really that far in the dark ages 🙂

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