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What’s buzzing with our Honeybee?

What’s buzzing with our Honeybee?
Things have been pretty quiet on the Honeybee front.  Part of that is because we are being very cautious in how much we share lest something get misconstrued and everything placed in jeopardy.  We are still actively involved in casework that will ultimately, prayerfully, allow our Honeybee to be with us in her forever family.  Recently, a date was given for the courts to hear the petition to reinstate parental rights to the birth father (an appeal of terminated rights-See Of Scents, Of Time, Of Mine).  That date is several months away.  
The good news is our Honeybee gets to stay with us the entire time and will continue to grow and love her SuperBug and FatherWinter.  The not so good news is while we are extremely blessed to have our Honeybee with us, we will not be able to share pictures of her experiencing her first holidays. So, unless Grandmother North would like to Skype with us on Thanksgiving and Christmas, she will miss those moments.  Her profession makes her presence a necessity on holidays.  That’s okay, though.  We’re still planning some great and wonderful activities with her.
Photo Taken in Arkansas City, KS by stelon
My favorite time of the year is Fall.  I LOVE FALL.  I love the sights, the sounds, the weather.  I love the rich foliage and the smells of apple pies.  I love the change in weather that brings back slow cooking, soups, hot cider, and warm, earthy tones.  I really, really enjoy the fall, so I’m looking forward to fall activities with our little people.
Very soon, we will be taking our Honeybee and SuperBug to the pumpkin patch.  This location is super special to me because it has been a tradition that SuperBug and I started when it was just he and I.  There are slides, tractor pulls, apple cider, pumpkins, kettle corn (YES KETTLE CORN), animals, and so much fun.  I can’t wait to go, to take tons and tons of pictures of Honeybee experiencing it all and storing it all for future sharing when all is official.
We will also be visiting an apple orchard.  I plan on making some mean apple pies for Sunday dinners and Thanksgiving.  I.  can’t. Wait…  While our family doesn’t observe Halloween, we do allow our children to attend Joy Night festivities at our church.  The children dress in appropriate costumes, play games, eat yummy food, hear stories, and receive candy.  I am looking forward to pictures here as well.

Can’t wait to see what else is coming our honeybee’s way.  Well, we kind of know.  Babygirl has been throwing hints at crawling for a while now.  It’ll be a few weeks for sure, but we’re excitedly waiting!

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