Honeybee milestones

She’s scooting!!!!!

Okay, okay.  I will admit that Honeybee has been making some amazing moves recently, seeming to get from one end of the crib to the other in record time, but I’d never actually seen her make the moves.  She always seemed to move when I wasn’t around and then grin when I turned back to see her progress.  So, I’ve been very patient and today, Honeybee shared with me what she has been sharing with her grandmother and father.  Honeybee scooted.  Yep, she kind of military crawled and jumped-ish to grab at my toes.  Apparently, she was fascinated with the red color.

What a great moment.  She practically beamed at me.  So, our Honeybee has started scooting at seven months.  This means a few things.  Number 1.  It means additional baby proofing.  We had quite a bit to do prior to Honeybee’s arrival per the rules of our agency.  So, most of the plugs are already covered.  The lower level cabinets have locks.  The medicine cabinet has locks.  But, we have a lot of stairs around here.  We’ll definitely need to invest in a couple of baby gates.  Number 2 was touched on a few posts ago.  It is just about time for Honeybee to buzz with other little boys and girls during the day.  I am still nervous about that, but we have found a place that we trust and that is only a few minutes drive from my office (less than ten).  I can get there immediately if something happens or if I just want to pop in for lunch.  Number 3.  It means our Honeybee is growing up.  She’ll be crawling soon and I remember how fast her big brother was.  I can only imagine how much faster she will be.

I’m super excited about the newest accomplishment.  I wish I could share pictures and video of the event, but God willing, this time next year, you’ll be tired of our family posts 🙂

Have a very good evening and be blessed!!


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