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A cold by any other name…and thank you is never enough

So, I went for a visit to my primary care physician two days ago.  I love him and his office.  They believe in a health and wellness approach.  I walked in with two crimson eyes that looked as if I’d been crying all day.  Turns out the conjunctivitis was bacterial and could be treated; the cold was an upper respiratory infection.  I sounded like a combination between Barry White and Mike Tyson.  It wasn’t pretty especially with the nasty cough.   After the examination, I left the office with four prescriptions.  The first one, the trusty z pack, made me feel right as rain within 24 hours.  Seriously, EVERYTHING cleared up with just a hint of the cough.  That needed additional meds that I am still treating the cough with.

I have to say neither ailment was fun at all.  I am thankful for technology as I was able to work from home in the early and latter stages of being sick.  In the middle, I was just no good to anyone really and really appreciated those moments where I could lay my head down and rest.  Truth be told, the week has truly been something.  It wasn’t all that bad.  There were some periods that I would not like to repeat, but overall, I was fine.  The reason was, in no small part, because of FatherWinter.

It just so happened that my illness started right before some planned days off that FatherWinter had.  I almost expected him to cancel his leave and return to work since I was certainly contagious for a while.  He didn’t.  He stayed off work and was simply there.  He wasn’t underfoot.  He wasn’t hovering.  There wasn’t a constant “do you need anything”.  He was simply there.  Our daughter needed to be changed.  He was up and there.  I needed to go into the home office and attempt to process documents.  FatherWinter picked up our daughter and kept her entertained.  He played with her, loved her, and created new memories with her.  He became that ever present, wonderful, and steadfast knight in shining armor.  I so appreciated that.
When I finally received medication, it did a number on my stomach.  The nausea was there, real, and palpable.  It was FatherWinter who noted that I wasn’t eating, didn’t feel to enthusiastic about cooking, and decided to quietly go into the kitchen and prepare dinner for the family.  In times of calmer stomach and less pain, he sat beside me and talked.  We had conversations that were sorely needed, spent time together in a way we hadn’t in what felt like ages.  We spent time allowing our thoughts and words and our time to be a soothing balm one for another.
My husband became my Superman…just by being there.  It was so appreciated.  There’s something really awesome seeing your spouse walk in the room and your heart does flip flops not from sickness, but from pure love. i can’t remember when it’s flip flopped this much.   I hope it stays this way lol.
The Word of God says in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.  FatherWinter and I definitely needed this time, a time where I couldn’t really talk (hoarse voice) and he had plenty of time to be heard.  We sat down, conversed, enjoyed each other’s company, healed some misunderstandings, and reaffirmed our love and commitment to each other.  It’s always a great thing when you are in a place and position to love and be loved.
I’m extremely grateful to God for the allowance of an “inconvenience” which turned out to be just a great affirmation of the wonderful and loving heart that FatherWinter has always displayed.  It’s what made me fall for him in the first place. 
All love and health…


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