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Christmas Concert

This past weekend, it was my joy, honor, and pleasure to participate in our church’s annual Christmas concert.  It was a wonderful opportunity to honor the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  It was a beautiful program and an awesome and amazing day.  There were several selections that were sung, but my favorite was one from one of the other music ministry groups of our church.  The young woman singing the song is a truly a beautiful person inside and out.  As she sings this song, you are truly ushered into the season of Christmas.
It was a wonderful blessing to participate and I was equally blessed that our daughter was able to attend. While she did need to receive a breathing treatment while at the church, she did enjoy the program.  I hope one day, if it is her desire and God’s will, that she will be in the choir stand too…singing praises to the King.
Finally, the great news of thee evening is Honeybee seems to be doing a lot better.  Her cough is pretty much gone and, while she is still congested, it is no where near where it was and the breathing treatments are helping.

Let’s keep fingers crossed that we are beating this thing!


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