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The Phone Call

The Phone Call
I was running late to work this morning.  It’s been the story of my life for the week.  I can’t seem to make it pass the threshold of getting out of the house by 9. 
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 Either I’m too tired to get up by 7 or something happens that requires me to redo a step that would allow me to be on time.  This morning, I left the house late again.  I’d managed to get Honeybee dressed, fed, locked into her carseat, and on the road.  I’d literally just dropped her off and was driving down the street when I noticed I’d missed a phone call from with an out of the area code.  I waited until I got into the office parking  lot, listened to the voicemail, and panicked a bit.  The call was from Honeybee’s ad litem.  I’ve only spoken to her once.  It was a three minute call prior to a court hearing to ask information about our Honeybee.  I answered her question and hadn’t heard from her again. I wasn’t surprised though.  The life of a Guardian Ad Litem is very, very busy and I know how difficult they have it with custody cases and the stresses of back and forth.
Today, she was calling to let me know she needed to meet with us before the end of the year, which is tomorrow.  Knowing the TPR case is rapidly approaching, I readily I accepted.  Now, I’m experiencing the familiar butterflies I felt prior to the first home visit from Honeybee’s social worker.
Will she like us?  Will she see that Honeybee is happy and healthy with us?  Will Honeybee feel like playing with her?
I’m still nervous.  I’m still a wreck.  But I have a feeling everything will work out as it is supposed to.  I’ll be sure to give an update tomorrow!  Just keep us in our prayers! 


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