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The Visit

This morning, I woke up early not wanting a repeat of the past couple of days.  I made sure Honeybee had her morning bath and her breakfast, made sure she was her happy and vibrant self, and was tidying up a bit around the house when the doorbell rang.  My heart did a flutter, but I’d prayed about this; it was God’s doing now.
The guardian ad litem walked in and we exchanged pleasantries.  We went immediately to Honeybee where she was banging blocks together in the morning.  The GAL was a bit disappointed she wouldn’t see my son or husband, but I think I eased her mind when I gave her my phone.  She was able to see video of Honeybee playing with FatherWinter (dancing and singing—it’s so cute and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you all).  She saw photos of Honeybee and SuperBug’s daily ritual where she crawls over Superbug while he play screams as if she is the greatest villain, which in turn makes her scream as well.
We discussed the really great relationship that Superbug has with his birth father and the fact that we all get along and are very friendly with each other.  I understood the question to see the dynamics of how the family works.  She was very surprised to see that Superbug’s birth father had joined us for Christmas brunch and that we’d exchanged gifts with him.  I just told her the truth.  We do what’s best for superbug and we genuinely like each other.  Just because parents didn’t work out in a relationship doesn’t mean they can’t be cordial and supportive of their children.  Then I explained the adoption contact we have (after the GAL asked) with Honeybee’s birth mother. 
During the conversation, Honeybee (whom I was holding) decided she wanted a kiss and plopped one on me right there!  The GAL thought this was adorable and remarked that she certainly was connected and in love with us.  We then went to the baby’s room where I showed her crib and clothes.
Afterwards, the GAL left for her journey back to her office and I took Honeybee to daycare so I could return to work.  All in all, it was a very pleasant meeting and I hope that it means good things are in store for our Honeybee!
Writing again very soon

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