For she who weeps…

We walk around like strangers
Barely speaking
Barely acknowledging the other’s presence
Words spoken become discourse and we’re both tired of that
I’m told we should pray
But I can never seem to get the words to come out anymore
I find myself adrift in a time and space further than ever I’ve been
This isn’t what life is supposed to be
How do you wake up with such a yearning in your heart to love and be loved
To be happy and bring happiness 
Only to have it denied over and over again
Words get thrown around now that should never be uttered
The gift of language is both a blessing and a curse
My tongue has cut deep but so has the other
There’s not even an attempt anymore
We simply walk away
Grin in public
Cry alone
The new routine
Always hoping for peace
For friendship
For love
We walk around like strangers.
Author’s note:  I wrote this for a dear friend who is as much me as I am her.  We’ve shared so many counseling moments.  This poured from my soul.  For her. 

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