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Honeybee’s 1st Church League Game

Today was a new experience for our Honeybee.  She was able to attend our church league’s basketball game for the first time.  Our church’s team was the first on the roster today at 9AM.  Considering that FatherWinter and I stayed up late the evening before watching movies, that early morning rise was quite difficult.  It was made more so because Honeybee woke up very early after having some difficulty with her nose being stuffy (yay flu shot…sigh).  So, I cuddled with her for a while before coming back upstairs and lying down in exhaustion.  That decision put us a bit behind schedule so that FatherWinter, instead of being on the court at 0900, was actually walking into the court at 0904.  It wasn’t too bad as there were plenty of players on the team and all he had to do was change into play clothes and jump in.

The guys made a valiant effort, but they are older than they have been in previous years.  After a slow start, they picked up momentum, acquired a sizable lead, and then lost it in the second quarter.  It should be noted that our church’s team has been the team to beat for years.  I can only recall less than three times where we haven’t made it to the playoffs or taken the championship.  So, the guys weren’t too thrilled about the loss today.  It was a loss by about ten points, so it showed that the guys need to pull everything together sooner than later.

Honeybee and Superbug still had an enjoyable time watching all the action.  I have a feeling Honeybee is going to be my sports lover.  She is the one who will watch Sportscenter with FatherWinter and then crawl away when it goes off.  She is also the one who will sit and watch the football games with Dad.  She reminds me of my cousin.  She was like another son to my uncle.  While his son (her brother) wasn’t too interested in hunting and fishing initially, she always was.  I feel like Honeybee will be the same and I’m looking forward to taking her down South to interact with the family there.  There, she will learn fishing and some standard home improvement things.  She will be able to handle herself.

Overall, today was a good day and the fact that Honeybee was able to experience another first with us was wonderful.  I look forward to her experiencing many more in the future.


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