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71 degrees…we’ll take it.

What a really awesome day was had by our family.  We woke up this morning and were excited to hear on the news that it would close to 70 degrees today.  We went to our church’s early morning service, ate breakfast, and attended Sunday school.  There was a wonderful discussion about loving our neighbors and the parable Jesus told the Pharisees about the Good Samaritan.  It was such a great discussion and I really enjoyed being a part of it.  I had no knowledge that I would be putting that instruction into use so soon.

After returning home and completely the day’s chores, I suggested a walk around the neighborhood.  What a great idea that turned out to be. It seemed like everyone had the same idea as we did and were out grilling, flying kites, or simply enjoying the day.  We walked to the park–FatherWinter, SuperBug, Honeybee, and I. It was such a nice day.

Working on their handles before taking it to the court.

FatherWinter and SuperBug played basketball for a bit working on handles and playing.  Then, SuperBug decided to try and play with some of the older teens.  I am always a cautious mother and wanted to tell him to come away, but the kids were very nice.  They let him shoot the ball and would wait until after he shot to continue their game.  They were so very cordial and I was very happy he got to enjoy the playground.  While we were at the park, we had the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors.  We spoke of the upcoming events, received information about her eczema and a possibly useful salve should her flares become unbearable like this summer, and discussed changes we would love to see in our community (i.e. new grocery stores, clubhouse, etc.).

FatherWinter and I tossed the football around and Honeybee took in all the sights.

After the playground, we decided to walk the short distance to my honorary parents home.  It’s awesome that they live in the adjoining subdivision because it’s much easier to visit and spend time with them.  We arrived at the house and spent some time just enjoying their company.  My honorary parents have an adorable little puppy.  He was super excited to see new guests, but Honeybee was so frightened of him!!  She can’t walk yet, but she was certainly trying to climb the walls as he would excitedly come over to sniff her.  She was not having it!  We found it amazing that she can be so close and loving with our feline fur babies and so completely uncomfortable around the puppy.  Superbug loved him, of course.  That wasn’t the only surprise of the evening.  We also found it amazing that it was several degrees warmer on their street than it was on ours.  It’s funny how the geographic landscape works like that!

It should be stated that the interactions with her grandchildren were a welcome distraction for my honorary mother.  On yesterday, our families attended the funeral of a beautiful young woman who was called home after a lengthy illness.  My honorary mother and she shared quite a few trials and achievements together.  Her passing was very hard on her and her grandchildren were a wonderful blessing today.

Today, after we laughed with the family and enjoyed their company, it was time for us to walk back home.  It was a nice walk and an enjoyable time with the family.  Once we made it home, we had a pretty good dinner and everyone else is now resting…preparing diligently for tomorrow.

As I watch the news tonight, it seems the temperature reached 71 degrees.  It was such a blessing and the time out and enjoying the company of each other was certainly appreciated.  It won’t last this week though.  By Friday, the temperatures should be back in the low 30s.  Sigh….you really do have to love this weather.

Have a great night everyone.


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