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Recap: Honeybee’s MinnieSwank Birthday Party

Hi everyone!

We are soooo overdue for this post, but it has been an absolute madhouse here.  All last week we were watching the weather ahead of a predicted snow and ice storm.  We were so worried we would have to cancel the event.  We were right.  On Saturday morning, we sent out mass emails and texts and canceled the event until the next day.  The roads were just too dangerous.  We were disappointed, but it gave us more time to get other things done.

The next morning, we loaded up the cars and made our way to church.  There was a lot to load up!  We actually got to church late.  FatherWinter, Superbug, and Honeybee went inside the sanctuary to hear the remainder of the service.  I realized we were much later than I thought we were and had a lot more to do, so I stayed in the fellowship hall and started decorating.  Fortunately, for me, Ms. Flourishing Hope arrived to save the day.  She was an amazing help (thank you!!!)

Minnie Bow-bites

I wish we could share photos of her face or of the video of our singing happy birthday to her.  We also have additional decor photos. But God willing, we’ll be able to share all of that soon.  Overall, we had an amazing time.  Ms. Flourishing Hope was amazing and we could not have done it without her.
Here’s our rundown.
Theme:  #MinnieSwankAffair (Invite from Sherry K Designs.  Free downloadable)
Colors:  Pink & Black
Menu:  Mickey’s Pizza, Daisy’s Meek n’ Mild Wings, Cinnamon Sticks, Minnie Bow Tie Pasta Salad, Chips, Mickey Trail Mix, Minnie’s Pudding Cups (strawberry yogurt and chocolate chips), Pete’s Meatballs, Minnie Bow Tie Bites (strawberries and blueberries), Fruit Plate, Birthday Cake

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