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A year ago…

It seems like yesterday.  Waking up early, putting Superbug on the bus and wishing him a great day at school.  Hoping in the car with FatherWinter after the bus took off.  A bevy of emotions were running through me.  Nervousness, Happiness, Excitement, Fear…yep, even fear.  What if she didn’t like me?  What if we didn’t bond?  What if I held her and she screamed her disdain?  What if something happens and this match falls through…like the others.  FatherWinter drove.  I tried light banter, switching subjects, random thoughts and concerns.  It didn’t work.  The energy was still there and I remember finally keeping my lips closed and allowing my mind to go through all the possibilities of the day for me.

It seemed like we got to the agency in record time.  Traffic cooperated.  There were no snarls or jams. I remember walking in and wanting desperately to skip the paperwork process and meet her, but they’d not arrived yet and there were still things that had to be discussed.

Then, there was the phone call that announced her arrival and in a few minutes, we walked into the room and saw…perfection.  Pure.  Innocent.  Radiant.  Perfection.  Tears.  I sobbed and praised God at the same time.  Our beautiful baby.  Our daughter.  Our Honeybee.

That moment will be etched into my mind for the rest of my life.  How we held her and took pictures. How we changed her diaper and placed her in her car seat.  How tiny she was.  I remember stopping at the Walmart for additional supplies.  How amazing it was that we were shopping as a family with a newborn.

I remember getting home as Superbug’s bus arrived.  How FatherWinter distracted him as I rushed to Honeybee’s nursery and held her.  How Superbug walked in and asked if she was a doll and then the grin when he realized that his little sister was home.  How we introduced her to her grandmother.  How we thanked God for her presence.

One year ago.  Our beautiful and perfect Honeybee was placed in our arms and loved from the moment skin touched skin and eye caught eye.  It’s hard to believe that the journey isn’t yet complete, but that’s what makes her story so wonderful.  We are so eternally grateful for the joy she has bought into our lives.  May it always remain.


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