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The Weekend Recap: The return of Spring

I suppose it is official.  Spring is here!  Never mind the calendar date for Spring was actually a few days ago, the weather here has not cooperated with the status quo much at all.  We had one day of 70+ degree temperatures, another of high 50s, then flurries in the morning followed with rain all day long. So, it took me a bit of time to get excited about the season’s arrival.  This weekend has definitely helped.

Friday afternoon, I came home and instead of heading directly to the kitchen, I went upstairs and chatted with Superbug.  I wanted to just sit down and pick his brain about a how life is in his 8 year-old world.  We must have talked about 40 minutes.  He told me about how much he is looking forward to the spring and how he wanted to start taking daily walks, have me help him with some of his pitches and catches, and how he wanted to start helping me cook dinner in the kitchen.  Then we discussed what he’d like to see in his lunch box 🙂  My son loves to eat lol.  It was a great conversation and served as the perfect segue to eating dinner.

I recently dubbed Fridays “Triple F Fridays” for Faux Fast Food.  These days it costs a little bit more than I want to spend for fast foods even if there are discounts.  It’s cheaper (and probably quite a bit more healthy) to prepare the fast food type meals that we enjoy at home where we can sit and enjoy each other’s company without wasting gas or money. Tonight I made Grilled Onion Bacon Cheeseburgers with Swiss and Cheddar Cheese and seasoned french fries. Superbug devoured them and quickly asked for more, which I was only to happy to oblige.  FatherWinter needed a bit more coaxing as he was feeling under the weather.  These allergies are not being kind to him at all this year.  He went to bed early and I stayed up enjoying a rare moment of solitude.  It’s not often I can sit up without work to do for my side business or beautiful background music from my little people keeping me company.  I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, then sitting in the recliner watching Syfy channel until much later than I should have.  But at least I had some me time!

Saturday was pretty uneventful.  We were supposed to visit one of the local elementary schools to meet Superbug’s new baseball coach and watch Superbug participate in the first practice of his season.  [Woohoo for new season start!]  Unfortunately, it rained most of the day on Friday, so the fields were closed on Saturday.  Superbug was bummed about it, but I reminded him we’ll have practice again this week and he perked up a bit.

Saturday evening, I needed to get out of the house.  I’d been inside doing some house cleaning things and decided it was break time.  (That and I wanted some fresh air immediately {smile}).  I decided to take my Superbug and Honeybee with me and ended up venturing to my favorite cupcakery on earth. Oh my goodness!!  There is NOTHING like walking in this bakery and smelling all the yummy foods that are baking.

Photo credit: Sweet Reasons Facebook page

I decided to get my favorite red velvet cupcake and Superbug asked for a cheesecake brownie.  The smile on his face when we sat down and indulged together was awesome.  Even Honeybee wanted a bit, but I only gave her a bit of the cake portion and a very small amount of the icing.  I didn’t want her going into sugar overload.

By the way, I am STILL hopelessly in love with his dimples.

After our brief rest and sugar indulgence, we decided to bring dinner home for the evening.  I asked Superbug what he thought he would enjoy for dinner.  He selected Chick-Fil-A so that’s what we settled on.  By the time we’d picked up our order, the outside was now way colder than I wanted it to be and we hurried to the house.

Dinner eaten and baths taken, Superbug and Honeybee went to bed while FatherWinter and I watched a movie and then called it a night.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Holy Week.  Can I tell you how amazing and wonderful this time of year is?  It’s always quite humbling to me to think that generations ago, Jesus died on the cross for my sins and I am still not worthy of the gift that He gave me. But I am thankful for it all the same!

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.  Our family went to Palm Sunday and heard a wonderful message from our Pastor Emeritus.  This man pastored our church for some 40 plus years before retirement.  He is older now, but his fire and zeal for God still remains.  It was good to see him and his family and likewise to see the bond that our current Pastor and he still have.

During service, our current Pastor blessed the palms that were bought into the church.  The congregation was invited to take several fronds home after service was over.  True to invitation, I picked up five palm fronds and bought them to the house.  It is my personal tradition to take the fronds and make crosses to hang over every bedroom threshold in the house and one inside the car.  Nothing too fancy, but just right for us.  It’s something that was started with my great-great grandmother.  We knew power lied not in the little crosses over the doors.  We just remembered the symbolism for what had occurred on that cross.  I should have them finished tonight and should have a couple of pictures to post if I can remember to do so.

When service was over and we were back in the house, we decided to relax for a while.  Honeybee took a long overdue nap.  Superbug read his Big Encyclopedia of Animals and FatherWinter and I decided to finish a series we were watching via Roku.  As soon as we settled, there was a doorbell ring.

Guess what had arrived?!  Our mulch!  Yay!!!  Super excited to do some laying mulch this weekend and fertilizer for the lawn.  You saw the condition of our lawn and mulch bed from winter’s icy hold.  I’m so looking forward to trying to put some life and green color back in the fold.  I also want to put in a few spring bulbs and lights for landscaping and color.  We’ll see how much is accomplished in the weekend lol.

So, that was pretty much our weekend.  I’m excited to come home tonight for dinner.  Before we left this morning, I placed a few chicken breasts in the slow cooker and made 20-40 Garlic Clove Chicken from Stephanie O’ Dea’s Slow Cooker blog A Year of Slow Cooking.  I love this recipe.  I have made it numerous times, have shared the recipe with others, and have had my family request it for dinner. It never disappoints. I’m making some yummy mashed potatoes and will add some of the garlic from the crockpot in those.  I’ll ladle some gravy on it, fixe some green beans, and pop a can of Grands biscuits in the oven.  As a surprise for the men, I plan on baking a chocolate cake and I’ll complete everything with every Southern girls’s favorite…sweet tea.

I’m also looking forward to adding My Very First Easter by Helen Prole to Honeybee’s bedtime ritual and letting Superbug read The Very First Easter Story by Paul L. Meir to me. I read both to Superbug when he was younger. I enjoy the fact that he reads them to me now. While the books are always in rotation in our household, I especially look forward to reading them during this season.

Does anyone else have an Easter stories they share with their children?  Do you have any Easter traditions?  Feel free to share.


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