Honeybee milestones

The Year Well Baby Check-up

Today was our Honeybee’s one year well baby check-up.  It’s hard to believe that a year ago she was making her first visit to the doctor’s office with her Interim Infant Care family.  Today, she came in with FatherWinter.

Overall, the visit went well.  Our Honeybee is still a petite young thing.  She is only 14 pounds, but she has a voracious appetite and is never skips meals.  She is also 27.5″ long.  She has quite a while before she is able to face forward in her car seat, but I don’t mind.  She has a lot of fun playing in her mirrors and talking to her reflection.

Because we had such issues with her allergies in the beginning, we have to schedule new allergy tests to see if we can introduce her to whole milk.  That’s not going to be fun.  But it’s necessary.  We certainly don’t want to introduce anything to her that will make her ill.  So, for now, she is still on her formula.

She received her immunizations and has a clean bill of help.  It’s interesting to see how much she has progressed in just a few short months.  She loves to play Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She mimics a lot of words now.  “No”, “Hi”, and “Bye” are favorites.  I really am looking forward to being able to share photos of here with you.

The weather is about to start warming up (despite the approaching snow storm for this week).  I’m looking forward to zoo visits, to picnics, to fun.  I’m looking forward to watching her grow up and to being able to share some of that as well.

But, that will be at a different time.  For now, it’s time for us to go to bed.  Well, time for me to go to bed.  Everyone else is already sleep.  I’m looking forward to doing the same.

Have a great evening.

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