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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
It’s our anniversary!!!
How blessed we are to see this day.
There is such an amazing journey in it.  Such love.  Such raw and earnest emotion.
Our every day hasn’t been perfect.  That’s what makes us genuine.
We’ve had to climb mountains.  We did it together.
We’ve had to walk in the lowest valleys.  You held me in your arms while we sobbed in unison.
We’ve had to learn how to speak…and how to listen.  
We’ve had to open our hearts …and embrace our minds.
But the beauty in our journey remains
Our path has three distinct imprints–Yours, Mine, and Our Father in Heaven
We have sojourned together and together we always will.
I bless God for you now and always.
I love you!!
Happy Anniversary and may we be blessed with many, many more.

Early in our marriage, someone close to me told me that marriage isn’t work and that the people who say it is go into marriage with unrealistic expectations.  I was taken aback because I certainly felt (feel) like marriage was work, not draining or unsatisfying, but work nonetheless.  In the course of time from that conversation to this day, I can assure you marriage IS work.
My husband and I have been married three years today.  Sometimes it feels like quite a few more and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s amazing to think that three years ago we were just beginning our journey into marriage.  We both came in with expectations of what marriage was going to be.  We’d had countless conversations and even attended premarital counseling.  Well before there was a ring or anything of a ring, we were attending Marriage Ministry classes.  So, we (well I) went in with the expectation that we, who both love God so much, would naturally fall into a perfect rhythm.  Not so much lol.
In our marriage, we have worked together  to embrace two different individuals with different experiences into one flesh.  We two individuals each possessed something so real and so important to God’s plan that He allowed us to marry and work together to fulfill His purpose through us.  That’s pretty deep.  In some things, it seems quite easy.  In others, it take a little more finesse. But we have continued to love one another and move together with God’s guidance in our marriage.
We’ve faced infertility, two failed adoption matches, a court battle to keep and ultimately adopt our daughter, and the uniqueness of a blended family.  Still, every day I find another reason to love my husband even when our life experiences seem surrounded in darkness.  It is because of that love and God’s grace and mercy, that we’ve been blessed with some really amazing memories and journeys.  
We purchased our first home.  We’ve managed to put smiles on the faces of my in laws with acts of kindness, love, and appreciation.  We’ve taken amazing trips.  We have seen the blessing of our son as he grows into his purpose and takes on the adventures of life.  We’ve been blessed with our daughter when there were times I felt like Hannah in our fertility journey.  We have survived medical scares and times of frustration.  We’ve had each other’s back in ways that would take too long to write about. We’ve also been imperfect with one another.  We’ve been weak with one another.  We’ve been emotional with one another.  But we have remained in love with one another.  We’ve continued to pray for one another.  We continue to pray for one another.  We love one another as God has loved us.
Three years ago, I walked down a carpeted aisle holding my father’s hand staring at this man of God who was ready to vow to me and in front of God to love me with all of him.  I saw this man, my husband to be, and was ready to vow to love him and support him with all of me until God called me home.  I meant that thang (as my girlfriend likes to say).  [And] I always will.
Love you, sweetness.

I walked down the aisle to Chrisette Michele’s Golden on our wedding day.  I have loved this song from the first moment I heard it and thought it more than appropriate for us.  These are the lyrics.

Take me back in the day when loving was pure

Love ain’t going away, love is always secure
Life’s not always perfect but love’s always forever
Let’s let true love connect lets try lasting together

I’m so ready to love, I’m so ready to promise my all
I’m so ready to give ’til the day that my life is no more
I’ll be everything that this woman can possibly be
Cause I’m ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden

Be the man of my dreams and get down on one knee, love
Say you’ll be all I need and then ask me to marry you, my love
Lets take two golden bands and lets walk down the isle, love
I’ll say I do and you’ll say I do, make a golden commitment, oh

I’m so ready to love, I’m so ready to promise my all
and I’m so ready to give ’til the day that my life is no more
I’ll be everything that this woman could possibly be, yes I will
Cause I’m ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden


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