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Paradise at Paradisus

Paradise at Paradisus

Hello everyone!

We’re back.  FatherWinter and I just had an amazingly awesome trip in the beautiful Dominican Republic.  We spent 8 days and 7 nights celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary and the great things that God has done for us on this journey.  The setting was the beautiful Paradisus Palma Real. Hands down, it was an amazing trip!

View from the lobby stairs

We arrived on a Saturday morning and, after receiving our bracelets, were immediately directed to the one of the restaurants to enjoy the buffet while they prepared our room.

Our all access pass for the week

We hadn’t eaten since about seven that morning.  We were famished.  So, we were very appreciative of  hot meal and my favorite vacation beverage (Miami Vice).

We finally returned to the front desk and received our room keys and some hotel information.  We given a quick tour of the resort and then taken to our room.  Now, I was a bit worried that our room wasn’t going to be as nice as pictured on the website, but I needn’t have been.  It was awesome.

Super comfy bed

Yes, I’m repping Da Bears even in Punta Cana!

Okay, this was a little tricky to figure out.

We managed to catch a nap in the evening and then woke up ready for dinner and exploring after we woke up.  The first evening we were able to catch the resort’s Micheal Jackson show.  They did a VERY good job.  FatherWinter has the video and my photos do it no justice, but it was amazing.

Michael Jackson impersonator with a guest

Michael’s amazing backup dancers
The next morning we visited another resort just to see a timeshare presentation that would give us
free excursions.  The resort was nice, but we definitely liked ours better.  After touring and returning to our resort, we decided to lounge at the hotel lobby bar for a bit and decide our next moves.

We decided to enjoy zip lining, cruise the beach, join the beach games and parties and really enjoy our anniversary.  I have to say it was a pretty great time.

Shrimp Burrito at Blue Agave.  SO YUMMY!!

Celebrating our wedding anniversary at Bana

Lounging about in the pool hut

Riding up the mountain to prepare for ziplining

An angel in the courtyard

Lion King performers

The trip was amazing.  We had some wonderful staff that kept us active and entertained.  We played beach games and made cocktails and just enjoyed being with each other.  We saw two amazing shows (Michael Jackson and Lion King) that were done really well.  We also caught some pretty amazing video of my zip lining.  I promise to try and get that from FatherWinter soon.  (He always delays stuff like that).

There should also be a special note here.  On the first day of our trip, we received news that one of the relatives at home was ill.  We were worried and concerned about the relative and also the children as they were being cared for by this wonderful relative.  My sisters in law and brother in law stepped in a big way, keeping us calm, taking great care of the kids, and keeping us up to date to ensure we had an enjoyable vacation.  We really appreciate that and can’t thank them enough.  If you guys are reading this blog, you are amazing and we love you so very much.


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