Easter Easter 2015 faith holiday recap

The Easter Edition 2015

Yep, we are more than a little late for this post.  Things have been a bit hectic and we’ll explain in a follow-on post.  In the mean time, please enjoy our Easter Edition of So Frequently Frazzled.

There are two holidays that I celebrate with zeal.  One is Christmas as I love celebrating the birth of Jesus and its significance in my faith.  The other and oh so important one is Easter.  I get such an amazing chill when I think of the sacrifice that God made by allowing Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.  Seriously, he stayed on the cross until each one of us ran through His mind and our sins were all paid for, covered in His blood.  I know.  I know.  This is probably a turn off for a lot of people, but I truly believe that Jesus died for me.  And I truly hope He will be glad to see me when I pass from this world.

Last year was Honeybee’s first Easter with our family.  She was still so tiny.  I remember getting ready for church and making sure we took plenty of pictures just like I did for Superbug and his first Easter.  This year, the pictures continued; they just held a bit more emotion.  They could be memories of their own soon.

The Saturday before Easter turned out to be pretty busy for us.  Superbug, Honeybee, and I woke and had a quick breakfast, got some things ready, and then made out way over to one of the local parks for the church’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.  They had Egg hunts for every age level 2 and above, which meant Honeybee couldn’t participate.  She looked a bit disappointed that she couldn’t get on the ground and do what the toddler group was doing.  Just as the hunt for the toddlers and primary (5-7s) ended, one of my girlfriend’s daughters walked over and told me she noticed that Honeybee didn’t have any eggs and wanted to share a few of hers.  (Awwww).  What a kind hearted child she is.  I thanked her for thinking of our Honeybee and told her that, if she didn’t mind, we’d just take the plastic egg since the candy was still too difficult for Honeybee to eat just yet.  Our little gift giver smiled her sweet little smile, agreed, and skipped off.  I so love a child’s innocent and pure heart.

Pretty soon, we heart the announcement for the 6-8 year olds. It was a pretty nice sized group and Superbug was so ready.  When the “Go” was given, he dashed to get his eggs and did.  He was also the only one on the ground.  Lol.  I don’t know why that boy loves the ground so much.

On your mark, get set..go!!
Why is my child always on the ground?!

The Middlers and High School students had already completed their hunt when FatherWinter pulled up, just in time for the Young Adult hunt.  Our Young Adult ministry is for adults aged 18-30 something.  We enjoy fellowshipping together and always enjoy a competition.  This time was no exception.

Superbug and his bounty

I really love my Young Adults.  The competitive portion was for the individual who found the Gold and Silver eggs.  FatherWinter found the silver egg and received a gift card for it.  That was an unexpected and appreciated blessing.  We ended with the Adult and Golden Members hunts (which were eggs placed in the bushes so the elders wouldn’t have to bend or overexert themselves).  
After the Easter Egg hunting had completed, the families went back to the Pavilion for hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, desserts, and drinks.  Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, but we couldn’t escape the fact that the breeze made it quite nippy outside.  Because of that, FatherWinter took Honeybee home after the festivities ended while I took Superbug to the next activity of the day–baseball practice.

    Understand that one can always tell when they’ve received a less than preferred option in the deal.  As I  arrived to baseball practice, I realized that person was me.  I was the only mother out there.  Because it was Easter weekend and the precursor to Spring break, I was also one of a handful of children attending as well.  Nevertheless because there was a quorum and because the kids were really looking forward to practicing, the session continued for two hours in very, very, very breezy weather.
    Yep, two jackets on. Sans Makeup.  COLD.

    While the kids were nice and warm from running drills and participating, I was looking like a purple mummy hotdog:

    I’ve never been so glad to see a practice end in all my life!  After practice ended, Superbug and I went shopping to pick up some items for Easter attire and baskets.  He’s hard on shoes so we were primarily looking for those.  The dress shoes were no problem.  We both have similar tastes, but the sneakers were an entirely different story.  
    My Superbug is in the “cool” phase and everything I picked up was not “cool” enough for him.  Sigh, I tolerated this only because he was using his own money that he’d saved for the purchasing of shoes, but I did give limits.  He’d saved quite a nice sum, but there was no way I was going to spend $100 on a pair of shoes for an 8 year old.  Sorry.  Just can’t see it.  We finally found a pair of bright green and teal spotted shoes from Shaq’s line that he just loved.  I asked if he was sure since he’d been so worried about the “cool” factor.  Apparently, bright is in.  (Side note:  We had a very long conversation about cool not being what you wore but who you were.  I also shared some of my childhood bullying experiences to emphasis the point).  So, he was happy and it was now time for dinner. 
    We again had another discussion about what I was bringing home for dinner that evening.  He wanted Chick-Fil-A.  I was only willing to get Panda.  He pouted but knew that I was not going to stop several places and, in the end, after drooled over the smell of beef and broccoli.  Where did this opinionated (albeit respectful) child come from?  When did we hit the negotiation phase of our relationship?  Sigh, he’s growing up.  Finally home, we all ate, watched a game on television, and promptly went to sleep.
    Fast forward to Easter morning!  Wow, what a beautiful day…but COLD!!!  The family dressed and looked quite nice together (I wish I could show you our Easter picture).  We made it to church slightly after service had started and really enjoyed ourselves and the sermon.  Afterwards, we had a hearty breakfast, went to Sunday School, and then went home to prepare Easter dinner for all of the family expected our way.
    Unfortunately that was not to be.  We had one relative not feeling the best, another who’d made plans, another who was visiting someone else…so everyone canceled.  I was okay with it though.  We were all very tired and I didn’t mind spending dinner with just my core family.  FatherWinter and I made a deal that he would pick up the food if I picked up a few lawn items.
    Deal.  So after every party completed his or her part of the arrangement, we ended up with an amazing Easter dinner just with the core. 
    We ended the day just hanging out with each other.  We discussed why we celebrate Easter, how important it we remember this day, and talked about traditions and where they fall in during Easter celebrations.
    All in all, it was a great Easter weekend and one we thoroughly enjoyed.  Happy Easter




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