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Weekend Recap: The Fight Edition

It was supposed to be the weekend of legends!  Sports all weekend long.  NBA Playoffs with defending champs San Antonio Spurs vs. the Los Angeles Clippers.  And the fight of the century with Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pack-man” Pacquiao.  I was so hyped.  My entire family was hyped.  We had no idea where we were going to watch the fight, but rest assured we knew we would be watching it.  It had been discussed off and on for weeks.  I am a Mayweather fan, but likewise am a fan of Pacquiao for his open love of Christ and the amount of aid he returns to his community. I was hoping to see an underdog victory in some way form or fashion. 

Unfortunately, our weekend started a little differently than planned.  Friday morning, our Honeybee woke up with a really high fever.  I ended up locking on a sick visit appointment for about 9:40 and rushed out of the house once Superbug was safely on the bus.  The doctor’s office determined pretty quickly that our Honeybee had an ear infection…again.  This is the third or fourth time she has had one and the office mentioned the possibility of an ear nose and throat specialist in the future.  For now, they gave her a shot of antibiotics and scheduled her for a follow-up appointment and shot the next day.  Honeybee was not a happy camper and was quite cranky. 

Because of the fever and because she definitely needed Mommy’s TLC, I couldn’t take her to the daycare.  Usually, I would just come home and telecommute.  This time that wasn’t an option.  You see, Friday was scheduled to be my last day at the office.  I will be starting a new position with a new company in a few days and Friday was the day I was to check out at the outgoing location.  This left me with only one option.  I had to complete the check out procedures with Honeybee at the office.

Fortunately, the office was very great about it.  I was able to complete all of my checkout proceedings within 2 hours. My colleagues assisted by keeping Honeybee entertained.  It actually worked out well because the team hadn’t seen her in a very long time.  Even though she was under the weather, it was still a great opportunity for them to see how big she has gotten.  After I checked out, I was able to get Honeybee to sleep, which she sorely needed.  When FatherWinter and Superbug arrived later that afternoon, Honeybee was still resting but woke up later feeling quite a bit better.

I was holding her and recounting the shots and Honeybee’s new medicine regiment when FatherWinter switched subjects and mentioned the upcoming fight.  We’d still not decided where we would watch the event.  He suggested that we should host a fight party since we hadn’t heard anyone who would be doing the same.  I thought it was a great idea since I didn’t want to take Honeybee out while she was ill and liked the idea of being able to put her down comfortably in her crib where she could rest well.  We discussed a few of the specifics and decided to go for it.

Honeybee felt well enough to “inspect” the chips in the pantry

Saturday morning, the text went out to several friends and family to invite them over.  It was nothing major.  Pizza and wings from Pizza Hut, tons of chips and dip, and a few beverages.  About twenty people came over and we had a really good time.  I have to admit I was really hoping that Mayweather would be on the receiving end of at least one major knockdown. It didn’t happen though. For most of us, it happened as we expected.  Mayweather won the fight.  Pacquiao had a couple of nice hits, but didn’t deliver the blows we thought he could have.  All in all, it wasn’t the fight we were hoping for, but I did enjoy having friends and family over.

However, I still must admit that the fight was overhyped in a major way.  I saw all of the cleverly placed marketing strategies.  I saw the over the top ones with the Burger King mascot and Justin Beiber walking in with Mayweather.  I saw the Geico placement with the selfie taken right before the fight.  I saw all of the marketing money, but didn’t see the “epic” fight that I’d hoped for.  The fight did indeed seem pretty one sided most of the match.  I’d hoped to see more blow for blow. I wanted to see a competition and have something to truly discuss with my husband.  We did more discussing of the final seconds in the Spurs game than we did with the fight.  (BTW congrats, Clippers). Okay,I’m off the soap box.

Today, the family went to church and heard a wonderful message.  Our Pastor preached on being the victor and not the victim. There was a rousing sermon, a powerful musical worship experience, and then fellowship with family and friends after.  After church was over and after running errands, FatherWinter and I decided to watch a movie our church hosted earlier this week.  We were unable to attend, so we pulled God’s Not Dead up on Amazon and watched it there.  What an awesome movie it was.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  I was a bit skeptical that I would enjoy it, but I have to say that it was well worth the time.

Well, that’s our weekend in a nutshell.  I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable. 

Take care and be blessed.


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