The charge

Today we buried our family friend.  It was a beautiful homegoing. Everyone had such wonderful and kind things to say about her.  There was a recurring theme all afternoon.  How great and kind and classy a woman she was.  I listened to the words everyone spoke and I agreed wholeheartedly.  She was the epitome of a Christian woman who ideally represented all of Christ’s values.  She was quiet and kind, always pleasant.  She let you know what she was thinking, but in a kind and graceful way.

Can I tell you how much she will be missed?  She was perfect.  She was a kind mother, a loving wife, and a beautiful soul overall.  What an amazingly beautiful legacy to leave behind.  It’s odd.  So many of us live our lives not really knowing whom we touch or how much we mean to others.  As I listened to the words of all touched by our family friend, I realized that I can only hope to leave so precious a mark.

It has me thinking.  When I pass, I want to be such a person.  I want to remembered for kindness and gratitude, for being a classy young lady.  I did self-evaluation when I left the funeral. I want to take up the charge to do more for God and for God’s kingdom.  I try and do those things I believe God has me to do, but I also know that I could do quite a bit more.  I know that when I leave this world, only what I do for Christ will remain.  I want there to be a lot done for Him.

So I’m taking the charge and actively changing.  I vow to continue to do what will make God proud and what would make Mama proud as well. I also promise to strive to be the kind of woman whom my daughter would one day want to emulate.

I vow to do this in honor of the women who have done it before me.  To the family of our beloved, please be comforted in Christ.  We know that we do not grieve as those who have no hope.  I look forward to seeing her again in Heaven one day.

Rest well, Ms. Gwen.


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