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Weekend Recap: Milestone and Celebration Edition

Hello! We’ve been a bit out of pocket lately. There have been so many deeply personal and private things that have occurred that it didn’t seem proper to share them. That in itself is a bit odd considering this blog serves as a public place to share some of the private occurrence of our family, but I’m a firm believer that some things should remain to oneself until and unless it is beneficial to others. That time isn’t now, BUT it is time to share some of the weekend doings of our family.

Honeybee has decided to take her first steps—consistently. She actually took three very small steps on the 24th, but I didn’t count them on our blog because FatherWinter didn’t see them J. She was with Superbug and I while visiting my cousins and she decided to walk from a small ottoman to an adjacent chair. Three steps, but she made them and looked confused about our claps and excitement. Because I didn’t want FatherWinter to feel bad about missing this milestone, I didn’t say anything knowing she would do again soon. Unfortunately, Superbug didn’t get the memo and excitedly shared the news with him as soon as he got home.

Saturday evening, while we lounged in the family room, Honeybee decided that she wanted to leave Daddy’s seat and come over to me. So, she let go of the cocktail table and walked the distance from his seat to mine, and because she was just so pleased with herself, applauded her steps! Every day since then she has continued this play and, though she still prefers to be carried, this is a great boon for her.

Enjoying her mobility

Saturday afternoon, FatherWinter and I attended the wedding reception of one of his coworkers. It was a beautiful affair with 400 people in attendance. Yes, 400. Everything was so beautifully done and everyone practically oozed good will and love for the couple. We really enjoyed ourselves. Plus, the bride’s dress was GORGEOUS! I’m such a fan. I wish them all the best in the future and many, many years of love to come.

We didn’t leave until close to midnight and the party was still going strong even then. When FatherWinter and I got home, we immediately went to sleep. It was amazing how tired we both were. Guess we aren’t party animals any more J.

Yesterday, we woke in plenty of time for a hearty breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs. We were off to church and received a wonderful message about how God will take your little and make it plentiful. This wasn’t about finance. It was about faith. A little bit of faith with a big result. I needed that Word and was so happy and blessed receive it.

That’s about all that occurred in the Chateu ‘d us. We’ll bring you more soon. Have a great week and a wonderful day.

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  1. YAY!!!! She's growing soooo fast!!

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