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Weekend Recap:The Shower Edition

This past weekend was the baby shower of our dear friends J & T. They are awaiting the birth of their third child, their first son. We were so thrilled to be able to share in their day. Because Honeybee had decided to fall asleep right before time to leave the event, and because we know how cranky a sleepy baby can be, FatherWinter stayed home with Superbug and Honeybee and I went to celebrate on our behalf.

It was such an enjoyable shower. Their colors were blow and white and Mommy and daughters looked adorable in their matching white dresses. Daddy also looked dashing in his coordinating outfit. The cake was done by the same cake artist who did Honeybee’s birthday cake. She did a fantastic job on a baby carriage. It was amazing! I’m trying to talk the cake artist into allowing me to promote her cakes via social media. She says she wants to, just hasn’t yet. We’ll see how that goes.

There was also the most delectable cupcakes I’ve had in a while and I am a cupcake fiend. One of the trustees from our church has a hidden secret with cupcakes and is an artist extraordinaire. They were so yummy that I bought one back for FatherWinter and Superbug to try. They were disappointed there weren’t more. They were really yummy. Homemade frosting, yummy vanilla. Yep, I love cupcakes.

Sunday was our Pastor’s 7th Pastoral Anniversary. It was a bittersweet event because the woman who spearheaded the event was no longer there. Our friend mentioned in the Small Stuff post drafted the program and to honor her, the program was left exactly as she completed it. There was one blank spot for a picture. It was beautiful and seemed to perfectly represent how we felt without her being there. As she was a member of the Hospitality and Greeter Ministry, the Welcome desk was adorned in beautiful fabric with her smiling face in a photo. It will remain until after her funeral. We think that is amazingly appropriate.

After service was over, we decided to go home and rest. The plan was to just relax and enjoy the evening. We allowed Superbug some time to run outside and play with his friends. He’d only been home a little while when there was a knock on the door. One of our neighbors popped in to see how we were doing and to mention that his TV dish was malfunctioning and would need to be replaced. Since the finals were on television that evening, we decided to open the door for him to watch the game at our home and also called a college friend of mine to join us.

It turned out very nice for an impromptu get together. I picked up pizza and wings. We had sodas and chips at the house. The game was a nail biter having me yell at the screen a few times and we enjoyed ourselves. When the game ended, our guests went back to their respective homes and FatherWinter and I knocked out.

Moment of honesty. I was so tired that before head hit pillow I was out. You have to love that 

It’s a hectic week for our family (especially me).  Meetings, meetings, meetings, and last day of school!!! Can’t wait to share!!!
Talk to you soon.

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