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35 while 35

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So yesterday, I turned 35!  Eeek, the big 3..5..  Love it!!  Today I wanted to figure out a way to make 35 more of a meaningful celebration than just one day.  I thought about doing a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year.  This list was inspired by the awesome Elise at Polka Dotted Blue Jay.  I found her 30 while 30  post back in March and decided that, if I am still alive and breathing, I would like to do something similar.  So, here’s my list.

To make things even more interesting for me (because I really am trying to get out of my comfort zones), I plan to donate $5 for every item not accomplished by July 21, 2016 to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of my great-grandmother.  If I do accomplish everything, I will donate $200 in her name.

Here’s my list and the links or completed dates for those things I do accomplish.

1.   Visit the Newseum
2.   Lose 10 pounds
3.   Have a Mommy-Son weekend with SuperBug
4.   Have a picnic
5.   Pamper myself more (bi-monthly with either massage or nail session)
6.   Lock on 5 new monthly service clients for my business
7.   Attend a Mommy-Daughter Tea with Honeybee (5/14)
8.   Have a professional family photo taken
9.   See adoption finalized for Honeybee (10/1)
10. Bake a pecan pie from scratch.
11. Bake my mother in law’s peach cobbler from scratch
12. Gain 35 new blog followers
13. Go camping in a cabin w/s’mores and hiking
14. Go to the National Zoo
15. Spend an afternoon museum hopping all by myself
16. Have monthly date nights with my husband (8/7)
17. Volunteer at the Alzheimer’s Association local offices
18. Learn how to swim
19. Host or attend a fab Christmas party complete with games, a photo backdrop, and a visit from Santa (12/12)
20. Start seriously building my investment portfolio
21. Take a weekend trip solo.
22. Learn to tango
23. Attend a professional conference
24. Run a marathon
25. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in quiet devotion to God
26. Visit a new city and explore (8/17)
27. Create a really nice nursery/bedroom for Honeybee
28. Create a really nice bedroom for Superbug
29. Create a really nice bedroom space for FatherWinter and I
30. Finish Masters degree or start new Masters degree program
31. Attend a play or live performance (8/7)
32. Go to a book signing
33. Do a boudoir photo session for my husband
34. Visit a planetarium
35. Attend a black tie affair (4/24)


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