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Family Vacation 2015

Hi everyone!

We’ve recently returned from our annual family vacation.  I have to say it was an enjoyable time for the most part.  Part of what made it so enjoyable was the knowledge that pretty soon our Honeybee will be a legal member of our family as she already is in our heart.

God willing, next year this time, we’ll be making our annual family vacation without having to receive permission to go. Woohoo!!!

So, for the past three years, our family has visited Orlando, Florida for summer vacation.  This year, we extended an invitation to FatherWinter’s brothers and sister.  Because schedules were so crazy, only two additional families could join us.  But that was more than enough as we really had a great time with them.

FatherWinter, Superbug, and the cousins

The kids got to enjoy Universal Studios and Wet n’ Wild water park everyday. Honeybee did very well with the water slides and pool play.

Water slide fun
Adorable swimsuit

We kept her in her life jacket during water play and FatherWinter held her to make sure she was secure.  Honeybee soon became so relaxed that she fell asleep while he was still floating with Daddy.  It was such a cute photo.

Favorite moment of the trip:  Honeybee was so relaxed in the water that she fell asleep while floating.

On most days, the older children went with FatherWinter and their uncles to ride the roller coasters and thrill rides or meet their favorite characters.

Superbug and Spider-man.  Love this pic!
The Green Goblin made Superbug step back for a while.

While the big kids (men included :) navigated the rides, my sister in law and I took the younger children around the park to enjoy the little people rides.  Honeybee was able to ride the carousel, a fish ride, and see a couple of shows.  It was really interesting to see her face when we saw the Barney show.  She doesn’t watch Barney on television, but she was really attentive at the show.  She was a bit apprehensive of seeing them up close, but enjoyed clapping her hands at the songs.

In the rest of the park, Honeybee’s diminutive size confused a few people.  She does very well on her mobility, but in such a large park as Universal Studios and with her age, we preferred to carry her or let her ride in the stroller.  Since she is only in the 2nd percentile for height and 0 percentile for weight, she looks about six or nine months instead of sixteen.  That meant the ride attendants were reluctant to let her on because they didn’t think she could sit up on her own.  Once I put her on the ground and she started walking and they heard her speak, they knew she was much older (but were still amazed).

Walking through Seuss Landing

It was great spending time with all of the families and wonderful that Superbug got to spend time with his cousins.  He really enjoyed himself and I’m looking forward to doing this again soon.  We’re already discussing a vacation next year…a cruise.

The first night Daddy and Honeybee were super tired after the journey.

We had a huge rainstorm while at the water park.  
Dora was awesome in the parade

Whatever we do, we’ll be blessed to do it together.  We hope you have a great evening and stay blessed!

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