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Weekend Recap: Independence Day Edition

This weekend our great nation celebrated Independence Day.  Traditionally, the nation celebrates with cookouts, fireworks, friends and family.  This year was no different for a lot of families.  Our family, however, decided to take this weekend and spend it with just us.

Friday mid-afternoon, I took Honeybee and Superbug on a walk to the playground.  We played for a little while, allowing Honeybee to twirl on the merry-go-round and slide on the slides. Then, we decided it would be a pleasant day to visit my honorary parents.  We went over and enjoyed the beautiful landscaping that was done in their front and back yards. Honeybee sat with her Nana for a while smiling and giving hugs.  After a nice visit, we walked back to the house and settled in for the evening.

That night, we gathered around pizza, hot wings, and pasta to watch Teen Beach Movie 2.  It was great.  We all gathered around the TV, laughing at the antics of Tanner, and smiling at the self-assertiveness of Leah.  Honeybee managed to go down with a full belly and hugs for her stuffed belly at her regular bedtime.  The remainder of us sat up well past midnight laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Saturday morning, we slept in (which is a rarity for us), and woke for a reheating of pizza and accompaniments.  After doing morning cleaning, FatherWinter discussed whether or not we would attend the fireworks this year.  Superbug had told me the evening previous that he wasn’t too thrilled about going this year.  He would rather stay with family and enjoy time with us.  So, we decided to stay in and watch the fireworks on television and just enjoy each other’s company.

It definitely was not the most interesting holiday, but it was one of the more enjoyable.  Just Daddy, the kids, and I.  I won’t complain about that at all.


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