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My son is going kayaking tomorrow and I’m so proud I could cry.

This summer has been a season of firsts for our Superbug.  This is the first year that he is attending summer camp through our local parks and recreation department and not through the summer program at our church.  It has been his first time learning to mow a lawn solo.  It’s his first time attending a new camp without his regular “church kid” crew.

I was initially worried about how Superbug would do with new kids and making friends.  While he is almost nine, he can have difficulty with the social and emotional maturity seen in other nine year olds. He misses some social cues and can sometimes alienate those whom he is trying to impress because he is simply trying too hard.   This experience, however, has been great.  He has met new people, had some great new experiences, enjoyed tours, and has come home with great stories each and every day he’s attended camp.

He’s going kayaking!!!

Today, when he came home, he was super excited because he is going kayaking tomorrow!  Can I tell you I felt this strange joy?  I was so excited for him.  The excitement on his face is amazing. I felt like crying.

For some of you reading this blog, it’s not a big deal that an eight year old is going kayaking.  But for this country girl, it’s a huge deal! I’ve never been kayaking.  I’ve never even been fishing.  I never had the opportunity to do either.

When I was carrying my son, I made a bunch of promises to him while he was in the womb.  I promised him amazing experiences.  I promised he would have an awesome childhood.  I promised him that he would always know his mother loves and loved him.  I promised to take him to zoos and plays to musicals and movies.  Everything I ever wanted to experience but couldn’t because of finances or stereotypes would be available to him.  That was my promise.

God has been very good to allow a lot of those things to come to pass.  Superbug has been to amusement parks and zoos.  He’s been on real summer vacations with real memorable experiences. He has had amazing Christmases and wonderful Mommy-Son nights.  If all goes well, he’ll get his first passport stamp next year.  These were things I only dreamed about.  I’m so glad that God has allowed us to do these things for him now.

So, it is more than a little amazing to know that he will be kayaking.  Of course, I’m still Mom and would love to be there to take pictures.  I’m going to ask the counselor if she would be kind enough to do so.

This camp has been a wonderful and amazing experience for him.  When we finish our last session, I’ll have to see about getting some additional pictures to share.  He has taken some great trips, swam every week, come home with a huge grin and sleeps soundly every evening.

I can hardly wait to hear his tales of how great a time he had kayaking.  Stay tuned!


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  1. That's awesome!! I've done it twice and I know he will be safe and enjoy it!

  2. He loved it! I may have to take him so he and I can have that memory!

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