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Weekend Recap: Of Showers and Packing

It’s been a weekend full of emotions.  Saturday found us enjoying a baby shower for one of FatherWinter’s colleagues.  They are having a beautiful baby boy and celebrated the impending arrival in the cutest baby shower.  From word puzzles to wonderful guests to adorable gifts..it was such a beautiful event.

There was a really cute game where guests were invited to create their own baby out of Play-Doh.  These were some of the awesome results.

After the announcement of winners, there was a guessing game of jellybeans in the bottle.  Guess who guessed the closest number?  Superbug!!  So he won the jellybeans!!

Afterwards, we loaded up on sweet candy gift bags and returned to the house to prepare for church the next day.  FatherWinter is currently training for an officer position in the church.  Part of his training required him to sit with his fellow brethren during Holy Communion service in a nice white suit.
Now you have to understand this is a pretty big deal for me because FatherWinter doesn’t wear many suits.  It’s not that he doesn’t like them.  He actually loves them, but FatherWinter can usually be seen at church wearing his sweater vest and dress pants.
So of course, I had to take pictures of this great moment.

FatherWinter cleans up nice doesn’t he.  We also took a couple of family pictures that I’m looking forward to sharing with you in the future.

After church service was over, Superbug and I took the joyous journey to visit his birth father. Superbug is extremely excited to spend part of his summer vacation with FatherPharoah and I’m glad that my family is a great blended one.  It was great seeing FatherPharaoh and I’m sure Superbug is going to have a great time while visiting.  The ironic thing is he wasn’t and isn’t the only one out of pocket for a week.

I will be traveling for business this week.  Yep.  This promises to be an interesting event to be sure.  I haven’t been on a trip in a very long time.  I know one thing though…FatherWinter is sure to enjoy himself while we are gone!

That was our weekend in a nutshell!  Looking forward to talking with you soon!!!


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