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And so it began…

I suppose the first thought readers possess when searching a blog like this is “so what’s your story”. It’s a fair question and as we may be getting to know each other for a some time, I am certainly game to share.

So…where to begin.  I know! I’m K.  I’m 35 years young though knocking on the door of no more ease in fertility.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother.  Before I wanted to be a wife or professional or dreamer or anything else in the world, I always knew I wanted to be a mom.
When my little cousins and I would play house as children, I was always the mother.  I was sweet and kind, fair and not too strict.  I relished that role and just knew that I would wear it in reality one day.  And my reality kind of went that way…kind of.

After a pretty enjoyable life of business travel, new adventures, and around the clock business meetings, two lines on a plastic cartridge changed my life forever.  I was suddenly aware that my plan of having a child at 30 with a handsome husband and a mahogany wood fenced home (okay, so I had a vivid imagination) had been quite artistically edited to now be a 26 year old single working mother.  And strangely, I was okay with that.  I rolled with the punches, adjusted schedules and travel, and kept it moving.

After a long series of twists and turns which I may share one day, I met the man who would one day become my husband.  Some years after our initial meeting and after years of friendship, this man and I had our first date.  A year later, this man had my son walk down the aisle of a church to assist him in proposing to me.  A year after that?  This same man became husband to me and a bonus father to our son.  (Awwwwwww)

So fast forward to our marriage.  We knew we wanted to start increasing the family immediately.  Our honeymoon was great and we joked that we’d probably have a souvenir nine months later. It was kind of cavalier now that I think about it.  My husband comes from an EXTREMELY fertile family.  No, I’m serious.  There are seven of them! Seven.  Of the seven, six are married.  Of the six who are married, all have children.  Shoot, at our wedding two of the siblings’ wives were pregnant and one had recently given birth!!!!

I’d gone to doctors and was told that I was just trying too hard.  There was plenty of time.  Just relax and try again. 

So, of course, we knew that fertility would be a piece of cake.  I mean, obviously my pipes worked, right?  I’d already birthed an amazing little boy.  My husband’s family’s fertility was unparalleled.  We just knew it would be an instantaneous thing…only…it wasn’t.

One month turned to three turned to six turned to a year turned to two and then to three.  I’d gone to doctors and was told that I was just trying too hard.  There was plenty of time.  Just relax and try again.  When all the trying  relaxing didn’t work, we decided that we would grown our family in a way we’d discussed since before marriage.

We adopted.  That was a long and arduous process, but so worth it when our daughter H. was officially adopted into our family.  And we were happy and blessed and in love.  It wasn’t too much longer that we desired to continue to expand the family again.  By this time, it was almost four years trying to conceive (TTC) and we decided it was time to seek professional help.

And that’s what has bought me here.  We are now in the beginning stages of an intrauterine insemination (IUI) protocol.  We’ve already completed a butt load of blood work, an hysterosalpingogram (HSG), and attended my first class on how to give myself wicked looking hormone shots. [I’ll tell you all about this stuff later.]

Because I love to write, I decided to blog this journey to keep me sane and to help someone else who may be going through the same thing.  I’ve seen a few infertility blogs in this journey and most speak to IVF, which we may ultimately have to visit.  But for those who hope and pray for some guidance, I hope this blog can provide some info in the event there isn’t as much as desired.

Thanks for reading!


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