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It’s Fall!!!!

So, I’d originally planned on posting this yesterday because it was officially my favorite time of the year…FALL!!!!  BUT….it was 80+ degrees here with humidity.  It certainly didn’t seem like fall to me. Oh but when I stepped outside my doors this morning?  Brrrrr!!!!  I needed a jacket and actually turned on the heat this morning in my car lol!  Yep, that did it lol!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  It’s Fall!!

Photo credits:Weather.com
Photo Taken in Arkansas City, KS by stelon

I love Fall.  No, seriously!  I really love the fall.  The leaves change colors on the trees; there are fall festivals and family traditions that I like to share with the family.  Shoot, last year this time, I was already planning things that I’d like to do.  This year Honeybee will actually be able to enjoy some of these activities with us.  I’m so excited to share my love of the Fall with her and hopefully, she’ll grow up loving the Fall too.  I know my Superbug already does.  His favorite has to be going to the pumpkin patch and picking up a bag of kettle corn on the way back. Thinking about the fun Superbug and I usually have made me wonder about what other fun things we could get into this season.

Fall Bucket List from SimplyKierste.com
Check the paragraph for her direct link!

I decided to Google “Fall Activities” and I came across this really cool Fall Bucket List from Simply Kierste.com. I actually came across it Googling “Fall Activities”.  I liked it so much that I left a comment on her page and asked if I could share it on my little personal blog (and all four of my family followers lol).  She was gracious enough to say yes and even allowed me to share the photo of the bucket list provided I give a link back to her.  Of course!!!  So, I’m sharing this list below and am super excited to try most of the things on the list!  I’m also planning on adding some things of our own and trying to complete them all by season’s end.  It’ll be a lot of fun to try!

I am not too sure if we’ll get to do the jump in the leaves.  We don’t have a large tree with leaves but I’m betting I can find some friends who will love having Superbug rake leaves before we jump in!

I’m so excited.  It’s FALL!!!!


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