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And it officially arrived.  That one great reminder that summer break for students is over and school is ready to begin.  Last night our family attended Superbug’s Back to School Open House.  Halls laden with students, parents, and staff, we found Superbug’s name on the list and visited his new classroom and new teacher.

Superbug on Open House night

I don’t know.  I was hoping for the great warm and wonderful feeling I received last year when we walked into his third grade teacher’s class.  She was so warm, so personable, so friendly.  I just didn’t get that immediately from this one.  Don’t get me wrong.  She smiled and introduced herself, but I still didn’t get the connect.

I do know that Superbug liked her and that made me feel a lot better. I know that it doesn’t matter how the teacher makes me feel, but how she makes Supebug feel and likewise how well she can teach him.  He’s an easily distracted student, but works very hard, makes good grades, and has an extremely big heart.

This year will be the first that Superbug will have students in his class with food allergies.  I don’t know what kind yet, so I don’t know if the class will have the restriction on PB&J or nut products. I remember  that last year the class across from Superbug had nut free restrictions.  The students were not able to bring in any products having tree nuts.  It will be interesting if Superbug has similar restrictions this year.  Superbug knows not to share his food with a anyone not because he is mean, but because they may have an allergy.  We’ll see everything goes there.

I did receive disappointing news that Superbug will not be able to bring in cupcakes to celebrate his birthday this year.  Another parent asked if she could bring in cupcakes for her son’s birthday which is two days before Superbug’s.  His teacher replied that she frowned on such things, but if he wanted to bring in bookmarks or something similar, she would allow that.  How disappointed I was.  I know school is a place of learning, but I still hope for a moment where children can appreciate some celebration of great events.  So I didn’t bother to ask a similar request for Superbug.  Sigh.  No worries.  That just means I get to get Superbug up early on his birthday for something special.  I’m thinking an early morning visit to IHOP or Chik-Fil-A for breakfast is a sufficient start and possibly a Birthday-themed Mommy/Children Night.

As for Back to school, we’re pretty much set.  I still need to pick up a new lunch bag and thermos for Superbug and then we are good to go.
It’s almost time for Back to school!

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