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Our Summer Recap

It’s over….sigh.  Summer is unofficially over.  It was a wonderful ride, but it’s time to return to the normalcy of all things school and responsibility.  Usually, this is the point where I share our weekend recap, but since we’ve officially hit the last event on our “summer calendar”, I thought it appropriate to give a belated summer recap and reflect on all the things that God has allowed us to enjoy and experience this summer.

1.  Placement Agreement

Before an official summer kick-off, we were blessed to sign Honeybee’s adoption placement agreement. After such a long and arduous process, we were finally able to start the legal finalization proceedings that would lead to our Honeybee becoming a legal forever member of our family!  Even though we are still waiting for everything to be finalized, we are very close and I couldn’t be more excited!

2.  Family Vacation

We kicked off our summer with a family vacation to the Sunshine State.  We were blessed to have FatherWinter’s sister and her family join us and also FatherWinter’s brother and his family join in. Theme park fun, tasty food, long car drives, magic shows, and tons of rain.  It was a pretty great time.

3.  Reading 

Superbug is just like his Mommy and loves to read. So this summer, it wasn’t unusual to catch him curled up in his favorite reading chair reading new adventures.

He’s been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and has really been enjoying them. What’s awesome is his little sister has been observing him read and now sits in her seat or beside him to “read” her book as well. Looks like we will have another budding avid reader on board.

We’ve also enjoyed some pretty cool family memories from “camping” to weddings to birthdays. I didn’t get to do all that I wanted to do with the kids this year, but I’m definitely thankful for the things that we were able to do.

Without a doubt, we had a great summer.   I’m looking forward to similar family memories this Fall.


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