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Weekend Recap: Labor Day Fun

What a great weekend it has been.  It’s the unofficial last weekend of summer.  Come tomorrow morning all students in the area will have officially started school for the 2015-16 school year.  This weekend’s recap is dedicated to family.  May we always be blessed….

Saturday morning found FatherWinter and Superbug attending a family church function.  Our church’s Deacon Ministry hosted a free bowling event.  I decided to stay at home with Honeybee to prep some of the food for our cookout later in the day and also knock out a couple of errands.  I so appreciated being able to get things done without the extra tails.

FatherWinter is a fan of my slow cooker ribs and asked if I would make two racks for the cookout. I had to smile at that. For my husband to request a dish to be made is a true compliment. I love my ribs too and they are so easy to prepare.

But I have to be honest.  It’s not really my recipe.  It’s a combination of recipes that work together for a creation of something ultimately yummy.  (If you’re interested, feel free to click here for the base recipe.  ) Shortly after the guys arrived, the baked beans entered the oven and the corn on the cob was placed on the stove.  It wasn’t too long after that guests/family started arriving.  The kids, of course, were thrilled with the key entertainment.
The moon bounce

The moon bounce was FatherWinter’s idea.  I came home on Friday and he was on the phone with a local inflatables renter.  We were expecting about 20 kids so he thought it a great idea to have something else besides the playroom to occupy them.  He was right.  The moon bounce was delivered Saturday morning and Superbug was so excited to test it out.  As our guests arrived later in the day, every child was more than anxious to go to it first.

Once the majority of our guests arrived and the food was blessed, we allowed the youngest (in utero to 5) get their plates first and then every one else followed after.  It was a great time.  The guys ended up in the basement and  man cave discussing basketball.  The ladies found ourselves in the kitchen and family room.  The kids in the playroom when not moonbouncing.  It was just a really great and fun time.

After dinner,  several of us participated in our annual NFL Fantasy Football draft.  I’ve been participating since dating FatherWinter and can tell you I really enjoy it.  Our family is extremely competitive.  I lost solely on an error in the championship game last year and was determined not to do the same this year.  But this year’s draft was a lot harder than it has been in the past.  It seemed like the clock was moving like wildfire!

I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the event for you, but intense.  No time for snapping photos when you’re trying to assemble a world class team!
I suppose the highlight of Saturday evening was when we surprise Superbug with a birthday surprise.  Since we’ll be at a wedding on his actual birthday weekend, we decided to have a gigantic birthday cake for him.  During the cookout, FatherWinter had him go upstairs and “clean up” a bit in his room. While Superbug went upstairs, all the attendees gathered downstairs in the basement beside me holding a huge sheet cake.

FatherWinter called Superbug and when he walked into the room, everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him.

Superbug’s face was priceless.  He told us that he was very surprised, but got why we’d sent him to his room to clean a room that was already pretty clean.  After enjoying cake and second and third helpings of dinner, we celebrated and said our final goodbyes to our guests about Sunday morning.  As FatherWinter and I sat and discussed the evening, we both agreed that it was a pretty great event.  
Sunday morning saw us wake much later than usual.  Both FatherWinter and I had stuffy noses and I had horrible headaches.  We missed church and stayed in PJs with the kids most of the day.

Fortunately for us, there were plenty of leftovers to heat up and a Disney family movie marathon on television.  We watched Cars 2, Ratatouille, Tangled, and a few more shows until Mommy and Daddy started feeling better.

And today?  Today was just prep mode.  Back to school lunches are packed.  Outfits have been selected and everyone is nestled snugly in their beds.  Definitely my favorite part of the evening.

Here’s looking forward to great back to school memories!


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