And the verdict is….

Sperm.   Today S. and I met with our RE for her diagnostic of all of the bloodwork and medical tests.  

We started with S’s specimen analysis.  Not good.  S.’s first specimen (done about a year ago with our Ob/Gyn) count revealed 5 million when the normal range is a minimum of 15 million. This time, his sperm count was 2 million.  Yep.  2..million….sigh….  His motility was good.  Over 50% were strong swimmers and that made me feel a bit better.  But there was a high number of abnormal sperm.  Sigh, S.’s assignment was to schedule a follow-up appointment with a fertility urologist.

My tests came out fine.  Everything was normal and I was good to go with proof of ovulation, follicular stimulation, and overall health.  Our RE discussed options and actually thought we would be a much better candidate for IVF than IUI.  But IVF is NOT inexpensive and we wanted to at least try the option.
We were happy that our RE agreed and we started moving forward with plans to begin our very first cycle of IUI.  I take the injection class in a week or so and we’re kind of in a holding pattern until Aunt Flo (AF) decides to visit.  So, let the wait begin.  
We are officially prepping for an IUI!

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