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And it’s a go!

Sorry to hold you in suspense.  I really should have shared everything with you when I returned home, but it was a ridiculously busy day in my household.  Between errands and celebrations and birthday phone calls, and no sleep…yep, it was a day.

So, here’s where we are.  I went in to the secondary location to have my blood drawn.  They then checked my follicle size.  The first one measured 18.7 which is great!  Our optimum number is 18, so we’re above that.  We saw one more on the same right side which measured 19.  So, we were given the go ahead to proceed with the IUI!  
I took my trigger shot of Ovidrel (250ml) last night.  Amazing how much easier it was to administer it once I’d already tackled the Gonal-F injections earlier this week.  It took me less than 3 minutes to do it and most of that was making sure I’d cleaned the area and had the bandage for the pinprick.  
My DH and I enjoyed some one on one intimacy and are now prepping for an IUI on tomorrow.  I’m a bit nervous.  I certainly hope it works on the first try.  That would really be a great and wonderful gift.
Today, S. and I have just been spending some time together enjoying each other’s company. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day for sure.
Prayers and baby dust.

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