Symptoms of a Big Fat Negative?

So, today is treatment cycle day 23 and 6 days past my IUI.  All week long, I’ve dealt with cramps and acne courtesy of the progesterone.  I also experienced a much higher level of fatigue than I am used to.  It seemed like I was ready for a nap as soon as I came near a bed…or a couch.  And then, came today.  I woke up and…..nothing.  No cramps.  No sore breasts.  No anything.  A little while later came my mood swing.  I suddenly found myself in a mood of annoyance toward my husband.  Not that he was doing anything.  It was more what he wasn’t doing.  I recognized that it was a mood swing and maintained my composure, but at the same time felt a bit sad.  I’m about nine or ten days away from my cycle and the mood swings remind me of my PMS symptoms before its arrival.  I’ve noted that I haven’t had sore breasts or cramps beyond the progesterone and I wonder….did this thing work?

Am I pregnant?  Or will I see a big fat negative (BFN) on the 8th.  I hope for the former.  I would really love to carry S.’s child.

This two week wait is starting to bring out the question in me.

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