How did I miss my appointment?!

I am so very frustrated!  I walked into the office this morning and noticed I had a missed call on my work phone.  It was the number to our fertility clinic.  I wondered to myself why they would call me except to discuss finance options for the planned IVF and suddenly had a thought.  I pulled up my online family calendar and there it was, plain as day.  S. and I had missed our follow-up appointment with our doctor.

How in the world did that I happen?  I am so serious.  I’m meticulous about things related to this fertility journey.  I am actually anxious to get as much preliminary stuff out of the way as possible because I know that there are several weeks of birth control pills that I must take first before we get into the core things associated with the IVF.  At least that is what my nurse said when I spoke to her last.

S. had a ton of questions prepared.  I had even more questions on my end.  So, you can imagine my frustration in knowing that I simply forgot that I had the appointment on yesterday. I mixed my days up.  Some how, I realized the appointment was the 15th, but didn’t realized that yesterday was the 15th.

Ughhhhhhh.  This has just been that kind of week all around.  So, I called the office today and tried to lock on another appointment, but it is on Christmas Eve.  You could tell the receptionist didn’t want to schedule one on that day and I didn’t want to attend one on that day either, but it was the only time available.  So, I scheduled it anyway.  THEN, when I went to pick up our daughter from daycare this PM, I realized that they would be closed on that day and I certainly can’t bring her to the office with me.  I feel like that’s being more than a little insensitive.  And I don’t want to bring anyone any pain at all.

Here’s hoping everything works out well and in a very quick fashion.

I will talk to you all soon.


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