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Birthdays and new pregnancy announcements

It’s the end of another Saturday and once again, it came to an end way too soon.  I purposely stayed in the bed until 9AM.  That’s almost unheard of in my household.  My husband is one of the “early bird catches the worm” types.  He sees the weekend as a perfect time to catch up on all the household chores that we didn’t get to do during the week.  Since I have had minimum sleep this week with all the crack of dawn meetings I’ve been having at work, an early morning awakening was not in my plans.

After waking and immediately preparing breakfast for the brood, S. and I attempted to do our taxes.  Not a good idea.  
Can I be honest?  I think Aunt Flo is truly on her way because my hormones are a mess.  I am cranky and short-tempered and everything S. says or does annoys me.  It’s not fair to him at all, but I honestly can’t help it.  That being said we had a terrible row over something ridiculously simple (a distribution statement that was erroneously marked).  Now he’s in a mood, I’m teary eyed, and feeling mean, and we’re just giving each other space.  I hate my hormones….
Since today is our niece’s first birthday party, we bit our tongues and headed over to the church hall where her celebration was being held.  Unfortunately, no one had opened the church until we arrived, so there was decorating to be done.  Lots of it.  Fortunately, I LOVE this kind of stuff!  I jumped in, directed the teens and older boys to move tables, tape up decor, and we managed to make everything beautiful!
I really enjoyed catching up with my sister in laws and seeing the children all run around and play together.  I enjoyed singing happy birthday to our niece.  I enjoyed taking pictures.  I enjoyed being there.  The birthday girl’s mom is currently expecting another child.  S. and I are so thrilled for them, but I was asked today to help plan her shower.  I love this kind of planning, so I readily agreed.  I am excited to help them plan, but can’t help but feel just a bit sad that this is child number three in as many years and S. and I still can’t conceive one together.  Nevertheless it is always more blessed to give than to receive, and I am looking forward to co-hosting this shower and giving the baby a great welcome to the world gift.
After the party was done and we arrived safely home, I logged onto my social media accounts and saw a new announcement.  A former coworker and her boyfriend had just announced their pregnancy.  And I felt bad for a thought that popped in my head at first.  It was “but they aren’t even married”.  How judgmental is that?!  And how hypocritical when my first child was conceived out of wedlock.  I chastised myself immediately and asked God’s forgiveness for such thoughts.
That being said I really am happy for her.  She is a divorcee and had been through quite a lot during and after her divorce.  The man who found, loves, and fell in love with her now is a really good guy (by all accounts, I haven’t met him [smiley face]) and he dotes on her.  I am happy for them both.
Now it’s time for me to call it a night.  It’s another busy tomorrow especially with Superbowl Sunday!  Our Pastor has invited everyone to wear their favorite NFL team’s jersey to service tomorrow.  Someone recently gave our son a Cowboys jersey.  I told him if he wears it he has to move lol!  I’ll share with you guys tomorrow!  Have a great evening!

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