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Words hurt (Non-TTC related)

Words hurt (Non-TTC related)
Have you seen the below story?
Do you know what really bothers me about it? 

Someone is going to defend the teacher for the comments. I’ve been on the receiving end of similar comments like this from teachers. One teacher in particular stays on my mind to this day. When I was a child (about the age my son is now) I had a teacher who quite matter of factly told me that I was “stupid” and “might as well give up now” because “I’d never amount to anything”. This teacher was awful to all but a selected few and I wasn’t in the group. So I got it daily…and the other kids who didn’t know any better gleefully repeated everything the teacher said because it had to be true if the adult in the class said it daily, right? I never said anything to my family about it growing up because I believed that adults and educators were right and to be respected and I was a young child. It did a number on my self-esteem. It took a minute for me to get to a place where I rejected that thinking. 

And today…some days….. well…People question why I am so quick to stand by my son’s side if he says something is off with an educator. Because I lived through it. While I know not every educator is like this (some of the best ones in the world have crossed my path), I refuse to let my children endure what I did. So, I’m the parent that questions. Never disrespectfully, but I am not just going to take your word for it. 

People may feel some kind of way about it, but it is what it is. I truly hope this “teacher” is removed from the profession and I hope this young lady gets some counseling. People might snicker at that, but she is going to need it. Trust. Words hurt. Nasty words from people in positions of authority who are supposed to help you to be better hurt. And please don’t give me this “maybe he was saying to make her strive to be better”. That was told to me by an adult family member when I shared the incident with years later as an adult while reminiscing about my school days. And that hurt, too. I am very glad this daughter has a support system in her corner.

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