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Horrible News….

Last night, while watching TV with my mother in law and children, my husband came downstairs and told me he had something to show me upstairs.  I followed him upstairs and he hit me with worst news I could possibly have received.  One of our dear family members had just passed from a heart attack.  She was only 41 and left behind a toddler and a husband of 15 years.  She wasn’t sick.  She just…dropped.

My heart was so hurt.  I loved this woman.  She is my husband’s cousin, but she became mine immediately.  The love she showed me was wonderful.  When we were adopting Honeybee and I would become worried about some of the legal things, she was the one who would pray with me over the phone.  She was the one who celebrated with us from afar when she found out that Honeybee was officially ours.  She knew that journey.  It was the same she walked with her own daughter.  And now her daughter is without a mother.  My heart weeps and rejoices at the same time.

I know where she is and that she is happy and blessed, but wow.  I am so shocked.  It’s hit me in a scary way.  She wasn’t old.  She wasn’t sick.  I don’t want that to be my journey either.

Ya’ll pray for us.


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