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Here we go again…

Hello boys and girls.  Today, we’re going to play our favorite game…’let’s SYMPTOM CHECK’.  It’s the #infertility, #ttc community’s favorite game where after ovulation, every tweak, twinge, cramp, craving, and mood swing means a possible pregnancy.  Life lines include manual #pregnancytests, digital pregnancy tests, and our personal favorite–guesstimation.  Prizes are the most amazing of all. We could have a #BFP and 9 months of pure joy or a #BFN and another 32 days of reliving the grief process all over again.  Ready to play?

Sorry, that was a bit long, wasn’t it.  But it’s accurate.  I’m sitting here typing this blog post well aware that according to every fertility app I possess, I am supposed to test for pregnancy in four days.  I’ve been trying really hard not to symptom check, but we all know how that goes.  My CM is creamy, each and every day.  That’s supposed to be an indicator or pregnancy.  BUT, I am also feeling cramps on the lower right quadrant, right under and across from my belly button.  That could pre-period.  I’ve been craving sugar and carbs like crazy.  That’s pre-period…but it’s also a sign of early pregnancy according to Baby Center.  Then, I wanted water.  I drink water a lot anyway, but I have been downing it like crazy lately.  Then the cramps come back and pinch.  Which really means pregnancy…right?  Ugh!  So, I never said I was great at this game.

All of that being put out there, I’m trying very hard not to think about the symptoms because I don’t want to psyche myself up and then be disappointed all over.  I guess that means no Youtube live pregnancy test videos and no googling pregnancy symptoms-unusual.

Sigh.  I’ll keep you all posted and let you know one way or another in a few days.  Talk to you then.


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