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The greatest Mommy Son night

Last night, my son and I had the best Mommy-Son date night ever.  We’ve been overdue for a while now.  That meant last night was more than important.  We first went to dinner at IHOP.  I took advantage of our local location’s Kids Eat Free every night until 6 May.  Since it was the last night for the evening, I thought it a great opportunity to take advantage.

Superbug and I sat at the table, just he and I and enjoyed each other’s company.  We talked about everything–school, life, the upcoming cruise, summer desires, and Christ.  We talked about things we’d like to see happen in the future.  We talked about things we wished we could change in the present.  It was the best conversation that I have had in a long time.  There were no interruptions, no sarcastic remarks, no feeling of being overwhelmed.  It was just my son and I.  It was beautiful.

While sitting there, we were observed by a first responder and his family.  He was sitting in uniform and would occasionally glance at us.  I was having such a good time with Superbug that I forgot about the family in the corner.  But, as we were preparing to leave, the first responder asked if I he could give me a sticker for Superbug.  I accepted and saw my son’s eyes light up at the police badge. It was a great gift.  Superbug was very excited and made sure to show gratitude to the gentleman and his family.  Superbug wore that sticker all night long.

After our dinner, Superbug and I decided to visit the dollar tree to look around and because I needed Mothers’ Day cards for the kids grandmothers.  We walked around, laughed at a couple of the displays the store put out, and then after paying, made our way to the next step in Mommy-Son night.

We drove to the bowling alley and played a game.  It was a great time and I even won.  Afterwards, we shared a huge laugh when I got on the wrong exit and drove the wrong direction for several miles before realizing and having to wait until a proper turnoff to get back on the right road.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  We had an amazing evening.

Hope your evenings are wonderful too.


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