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Superbug’s last day of school!!

Superbug’s last day of school!!

I can’t believe it! Today is Superbug’s last day of school. He is officially a 5th grader! OH MY WORD! HE’S GOING TO 5TH GRADE!!!! Okay, sorry for the screaming, but you all have no idea!!! This came way too quick for me, but I’m so glad.

This year hasn’t been the easiest for our Superbug. He has had a bit of trouble staying focused. It’s very easy for him to get distracted and even easier for him to become unorganized. We are well aware of what that sounds like and have even had a couple of people hint at it. I prefer not to label and instead work toward a solution that works for everyone involved and doesn’t involve medication. That being said, Superbug has made marked process in getting tasks completed, but still has to work on organization.

I checked with ADDitude, an online magazine for children with ADD and have found some really great organizational ideas. Since I really want to bless Superbug with a Superhero room for his birthday, I’d like to incorporate some of them. So, that will be on my list of summer activities I’m sure.

Anyway, tonight, I am going to bake stuffed shells with ricotta cheese and sausage. The dinner salad from last night will be a side dish and I’m getting some yummy garlic bread on the way home. I’m also grabbing a very small cake (just enough for the family) that says “Congrats 5th Grader” just so he knows it’s all for him.

Love my Superbug. I really do.

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