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7 days post ovulation: I already think I’m out

Well, if you are a follower on my Instagram page, this announcement should come as no shock to you. I think I’m out. Of course, I don’t want to think I’m out, but most assuredly, I do. I have been faithfully charting my basal temperature every morning. I know my control line number now, which is really awesome because I had no idea when I first started this thing. The day before yesterday I got dangerously close to it, but hope my temp would do one of it’s weird little quirks and rise instead. Nope. It dropped again. This morning, it finally went below. The consecutive three day drop in temperature before the arrival of Aunt Flo and five days before I am advised (by apps) to test for my cycle has pretty much let me know NOT to expect a #BFP this month.

Combine that with no symptoms at all. Not a blue veined breast, a nausea spell (beyond the regular one that comes behind my daily prenatal), not a tingly breast. Nope, nothing. I had back pain yesterday radiating from my hip to my back. I couldn’t even pump myself to grasp at straws. It is probably because of some rough housing my family and I did this past weekend. I’m not as flexible (read young) as I used to be lol.

I’m still hopeful. I’m still very hopeful, but I get it as well. Do you know what I’ve been doing lately? The same thing I do every #TWW—medicated or otherwise. I look up faint lines and help other women see if they have one, a #BFP. I always feel happy for them. I am always so excited for them. I always hope that one day, when it’s my turn, someone will feel the same way about me.

So, I’m going to continue the waiting game. I don’t think I’ll test early this month. I just don’t feel there is a need. I’ll just wait for #CD1 and try it again.

Oh! Here’s a tidbit of information of you. My mother in law just reminded me that it took her and my father in law seven years to conceive their first one and now they have seven. I really hope I don’t have to wait seven years. I don’t think I would like to be newborn mom that late. But we will see.

Have a fantastic evening and baby dust to all of my #ttcsisters.


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