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CD40 and no Aunt Flo in sight

This is downright frustrating.  My fertility apps like to remind me that there are only three reasons a cycle is late–pregnancy, late ovulation, or no ovulation.  I’m fairly certain I ovulated this month.  The high sex drive, the egg white cervical mucus, the ovulation pain.  Yep, I pretty sure that occurred.  But my cycle is still not here.  So, I’m sitting here trying to figure out what next.

I have taken no less than 8 pregnancy tests within the last eight days.  They have all been negative with the exception of one that was definitely an extremely faint positive and another that showed what could have been the beginnings of a pink line.  Today, on CD40 of a typical 32-day cycle, I received two negatives.

My mood swing kicked in this morning.  I snapped at my nine year old because he went out of the house without lotion on and his legs looked like he swam in flour.  I felt so bad as soon as I did it. His response, “Mom, it’s okay.  Is it almost time for your cycle?”.  I promise I am not that bad.  He just knows that I can sometimes get cranky around that time of the month.  I felt so awful about it.

I just wish it would come on now.  If I’m not pregnant, there is no need for me to be without a cycle. Let it come on and we can start again or not.

Hopefully, it will be here soon.  BFP or Aunt Flo.  In the meantime, baby dust to all who are ttc.

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  1. Have you tried ovulation tests to know for sure the day of your ovulation? I'm reading your story and praying for you to get pregnant! Best wishes!!

  2. Not this month. I did chart and saw the indicators that corresponded with ovulation, but no I haven't. I will definitely have to include that next month if Aunt Flo doesn't come. Thank you very much for commenting and for your prayers. I appreciate it!

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