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Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 36th birthday.  Yep, 36 years old.  I’m okay with the round number.  It feels…good.  I’ve learned a lot in 36 years and one thing that remains is that I can never stop learning.  I have to keep going, keep growing, keep learning.  So, I’m excited about being 36 years old and still trying to conceive.

A recent conversation with my gynocologist has me declared as advanced maternal age.  Really?  I didn’t think that was the case at all.  But apparently, once I got off that 35 year old mark, I became the Old Maid of conception.  Lol.  Good to know as I walk through this season.

Today, I have taken two pregnancy tests as I am now 4 days late.  I made the mistake of grabbing a blue dye test (accidentally) and saw a faint line, but I cannot tell if it is an evap.  So, remembering the fiasco of last month where we (now with confirmation) had a chemical pregnancy, I ran back out and got pink dye…but I haven’t taken it.  My nipples are still sore.  I’m still cramping.  I still have a bit of nausea.  These are still symptoms of PMS.  So, we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m having fun enjoying my birthday in peace and quiet.  I pray your day has been perfect and blessed as well.

I’ll keep you updated on the tests!


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