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Weekend Recap: Date Night Revamped and Food, Glorious Food

Hello everyone and happy Monday!!  I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are.  I’m determined this week is going to be amazing just because I’m claiming it as such.

Monday will be awesome.  This week will be awesome.  Claiming it!

I thought I’d pop in and give an update on our date night and give a bit of a glimpse into what’s going on in our world of #IVFprep.

So….let’s start with date Night…

Well…lol.  So, I was super excited.  You remember in the last post, I was super excited about a couples massage that S. had locked on for us.  I was so looking forward to the relaxation and removal of my kinks.  Well, maybe next time :).

The place was overbooked.  Yep…overbooked.  We couldn’t go and I was sad disappointed.  I was good with just staying home at this point, but nope.  We were not about to give up that easily.  So, my S. is notoriously frugal.  This has been a great thing in helping to plan for things we would like to do and blessing us in times we need to do things.  We were able to locate free bowling game passes in a coupon book I always carry around and decided to partially recreate our first date.  Because my husband is also extremely competitive, we decided to make a friendly wager.  (I hate competing with him by the way). I bet him that should I win, we would attend the next Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, Ga.  I’m a huge marching band fanatic and love the event.  We just haven’t been in the past few years because of family things (adoption, family being sick, etc.).  I thought it would be nice to attend this year and, if pregnant, I’d be out of first trimester and crossing comfortably into second.  Win-win.  S. bet that should he win I’d have to accompany him to the gym and work out with him.  This was a set-up.

Going to the gym with my husband is no fun for me because we both have different ways of doing things and I prefer to go solo.  But in the spirit of the game, I agreed.  Well, I had two ball malfunctions and he played like a madman, so I lost by 20 points.  Sigh.  Oh well. Since I’ll already be at the gym for a training session, we won’t worry about today.   But tomorrow will begin side by sides.  We’ll see how that goes.

After bowling, we decided to grab something to eat from a local restaurant and made it back just in time to release the Parents’ Night out staff who graciously watched our little people. So, all in all, it was a pretty good evening just he and I.

The rest of the weekend was all about food.  I promise that wasn’t the intent especially since I’m trying to prepare my body for a healthier meal for the foreseeable future.  But it couldn’t be helped. Saturday evening was a mutual friend’s birthday dinner at the Japanese steakhouse.  Understand I love this style of food and indulged on the shrimp and scallops and fried rice.  (Don’t tell my trainer lol)

I was so stuffed that I completely bypassed dinner that evening.  Then, yesterday, after church my in loves decided to visit with their children.  I know they stayed about 8 hours and I loved it.  We talked, laughed, played, jumped, and ate lol.  S. ordered pizza and wings and pasta and cinnamon sticks from the local Pizza Hut and we just snacked until we couldn’t anymore.  While the men were upstairs talking, my sister and I decided to go outback and prepare the grill for use on Saturday.  Fifteen minutes later, sooty hands and all, the grill was all greased up, clean and sparkling. Looking forward to cooking on Saturday for out oldest’s birthday.

It was midnight before I called it last night, so I’m a bit sluggish today.  But I’m still excited.  It’s a great day, will be a great week, and I’m claiming it as such!

Talk to you again, soon!


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