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Appointments made

Yay!  I’m loving how everyday is a new opportunity to move a little bit closer to our IVF/ICSI cycle.

My IVF prep appointments have been made. Next Wednesday will feature a double header as I attend my mock embryo transfer that morning and the fertility injection class immediately after.  I’m a bit disappointed that S. won’t be able to join me, but there are follow-on videos that he will be able to view instead.

I’ve been reading up on the mock embryo transfer.  Most sites say there isn’t anything to worry about minus the discomfort of having to pee from the full bladder the clinic asks you to arrive with.  That’s good news, but I have a tilted uterus.  Dang tilted.  That joker is backwards.  While my RE is aware of this, there is a minor chance that she won’t perform the procedure.  Having someone new get into my goodies without a proper introduction doesn’t exactly strike me with a warm and fuzzy.

Example of embryo transfer via Google/BocaFertility

As for the injection classes, I’m a bit more comfortable there.  I remember a lot of the guidance from the IUI.  There will be some new meds introduced, but I think I’ll be okay.

This looks like it is really going to happen.


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