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It costs how much?!!?!

So, picture it. I’m sitting at my office desk feeling great because it’s a special time in the world. Ten years ago, my firstborn made his debut into the world. I was thinking about that and all the work-related stuff that was on my plate when I received a phone call. The caller ID made it clear a pharmacy was calling. I knew immediately it was my fertility pharmacy, but was surprised because I hadn’t yet contacted them to place our order. It turns out my fertility clinic contacted them today with my prescriptions.

This kind and sweet woman verified my information, listed the prescriptions that were sent to her, verified they sounded correct to me (which they did as I pulled up my protocol that listed them), placed me on hold, and then gave me the price. All of my meds cost $4046.07!!! Excuse me. They actually cost $4286.07, but since our insurance covers NO fertility meds at all, we’re self-pay. Self-pay patients received $200 off every $4K spent. So, our final cost is indeed $4046.07. Que the fainting!!!

I mean, wow. I’m not new to this. I remember our IUI meds gave us a bunch of sticker shock and they weren’t exactly inexpensive. But this! Oh my!

So, just what does $4,046.07 cover? Well, I heard the below as it was recited to me. BUT, I don’t think I captured it all correctly as my math isn’t adding up, so I will have to ask them to email it to me.  The gist is as follows:

Cost per Unit
Total Cost
Endometrin Vaginal Inserts
63 vaginal inserts
Cost was originally $371.07, but there is a  $50 coupon for every 15 days of med)
60 2-mg tablets
2 week kit with
·    1 ml luerlock syringe, 27 or 30g ½” needle
·    Trigger subcutaneous injection
2 500-mg tablets
Gonal F
5-Ready set insert pens
6 kits
75 IU FSH & LH
$81.90 per vial

So there you have it. We have to pay over $4K in meds and that doesn’t include the IVF procedure, which is significantly more.  
It’s going to be a lot, but I’m ready for the journey.  
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please.
Have a great day!

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