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IVF CD 3- Stims Day 2

Happy October 1st!  I absolutely love this time of year.  I’m so excited about all the Fall stuff that our family will be able to do.  I have a bunch of Fall Festivals and fun activities planned.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to have nice weather to do so!

I posted earlier today about yesterday’s adventure in injectables.  Today is Stims Day 2.  I’ve absolutely no complaints.  I do have some self- observations that will make this process work a bit better for me.

Our nurse A. gave me the option of between 6-10 PM on Day 1 and then at the same time every night thereafter.  It sounded like such a simple thing until I realized some of the evening activities our family are involved in would make it necessary to have the shot at about 7:15 p.m.

So…that worked out well yesterday.  We had an event to attend and I was able to get everything done and completed before S. came home from working late, changed, and we left.  Tonight, I was sitting with the family discussing some upcoming holiday plans when I realized it was it was almost 7 and I hadn’t yet taken the meds out the refrigerator!  I dashed to the kitchen, took out the box, and then bolted upstairs to our bedroom to lay everything out to hit room temperature away from the inquiring eyes of our little people.  I have quickly learned to add a daily alarm to remind me to remove the meds from the refrigerator.  I will also have an alarm to take my meds.

It wasn’t too long before I was ready to go upstairs and take my Day 2 injectable.  This time I asked S. if he would accompany me for moral support.  I would have been quite understanding had he declined.  My husband is not a fan of needles at all.  So seeing me poke and prod myself may have been a bit much, but surprised me and said yes.

I managed to get through the shots though it was the Gonal F pen that gave me trouble today.  The blessed needle bent during the capping process.  Grrr…No worries though.  Everything came out as it was supposed to.  Best part is I received a kiss for my efforts.  Got to love that.

Now for today’s breakdown.

Stims Day 2

  • Gonal F- 225 iu
  • Menopur- 75 iu

Stims Day 2 Side Effects/Symptoms

  • Slight pain at the injection sites about 30 minutes after
  • Slight headache that may or may not be related to the injectables
  • “Twinge” in lower abdomen 
That’s about it.  Have a good evening.


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